Mark your calendars: SuiteWorld 2012 (Part 1 – Track 1 & 2)

Mark your calendars: SuiteWorld 2012 (Part 1 – Track 1 & 2)

May 13–17, San Francisco, CA

Last year, SuiteWorld, NetSuite’s annual convention and user conference, had over 2,000 participants, and we expect even more this year.  For many attendees, the highlights of SuiteWorld include the detailed breakout sessions, giving attendees a chance to do a deeper dive into those areas of specific interest.  The sessions are divided into 8 “tracks”, and I wanted to highlight those sessions that I thought would be really special.

SuiteWorld Track One – Financial Management & OneWorld (ERP)

Revenue Recognition – Attend this session to get a better understanding of the automation within NetSuite for the proper handling of Revenue Recognition.  NetSuite performs this vital function in a completely automated fashion, and offer full compliance with standards such as SOP 97-2, EITF 08-01, and EITH 09-03.  Using case studies to illustrate the material, this advanced class will focus on the flexible nature of NetSuite to perform this vital function.

Managing Intercompany transactions – NetSuite can provide a solution for the proper handling of intercompany transactions, from transfers to eliminations.  Follow intercompany orders, thru intercompany sales and billings, thru to the automated month-end intercompany eliminations.

Integrating Budgeting and Planning with NetSuite – far too many companies rely on spreadsheets to handle this vital company function, and far too many spreadsheets contain critical (and often unknown) errors.  Attend this session to understand how NetSuite can bring the budgeting and planning process into NetSuite, and avoid the errors and problems of a spreadsheet-based system.

SuiteWorld Track Two – Order Management & Supply Chain (ERP)

Understanding NetSuite’s Inventory Control and Costing Functionality – Tracking accurate inventory costs is critical for any business, and all too frequently, it is not done properly.  Inaccurate costs can lead to bad pricing decisions, costing your company too much money.  In this class, learn how NetSuite can bring your inventory costs and processes under tighter control, resulting in the margins you were expecting to earn.

Supporting Your Purchasing Operations: From Vendor Management to Approvals – Implement tight controls around purchasing and payables by enforcing approvals and minimizing errors.  The session will include a demo for creating a purchasing approval workflow.

From Order to Invoice: Supercharging your Sales Order Process – Take time to learn the best practices for establishing and maintaining an efficient order workflow in NetSuite.  This session will focus on the creation and implementation of a sales order workflow approval process.

In our next article, we will look at a few of the sessions in Track Three (CRM) and Track Four (SuiteCloud Paltform).

We hope to see you in San Francisco for SuiteWorld 2012