NetSuite's software as a service platform is a powerful business management and accounting suite.

It’s no surprise that when it comes to managing projects, a single, integrated software system provides the best solution, particularly if change-orders are involved.

For example, documents of any file and format can be scanned and uploaded into the software: scanned images, pdf’s as well as Microsoft Office documents. What’s more, document security is enhanced with the software’s encrypted database.

Furthermore, multiple files can be stored and matched with each transaction, which allows for quicker and more accurate document searches.

Ultimately, project information is easily accessed via mobile devices by foremen in the field or a supervisor on the road.

For business still using legacy programs and apps, the standard approach might well be a quick calculation on scratch paper to arrive at the cost of the change; this,  without a thorough look at all of the costs affecting the order.

Worse, when owners must search vendor and subcontractor information on many folders residing on an array of isolated devices, the change order quote may not factor-in impeding scheduling changes; the latter can impact labor and a host of other project costs.

By using a software as a service ERP system, like NetSuite, stakeholders can monitor data in real-time, adding more automation to back office tasks and creating financials that reflect current data.

In short, accounting departments and stakeholders benefit by spending less time  double-checking data entries, or missing important fields of information that may be listed on non-integrated spreadsheets, like Excel while utilizing NetSuite’s platform.

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 Written by J.H. (Sales Team)