It goes without saying that Larry Ellison and Evan Goldberg, the founders of NetSuite back in 1998, were true visionaries: they saw the need for software that could enhance decision-making throughout a business; this, by providing a platform to monitor both the ongoing performance and processes in a company, or organization.

What’s more, Netsuite was the first company to put its business suite in the cloud. But even more impressive developments were on the way: they offered the first global ERP software—and first vertical cloud platform—back in 2008.

Today, Netsuite ERP remains one of the most deployed systems in the world. Furthermore, and for those businesses more inclined to use a CRM software versus ERP, Netsuite combines both platforms in their offering.

In a recent survey conducted by an industry analyst firm, Frost & Sullivan, and sponsored by Netsuite, over 1,500 senior execs (200 in the U.S.) in over seven countries gave their take on the “drivers for disruption” across industries today.

Not surprisingly, the cloud remains a strong disruptor in the way business conduct their operations. More so, according Frost & Sullivan, the use of the cloud will surely define who will survive, and those most destined to wither on the vine.

In short, the cloud is actually ‘transforming’ businesses, while pushing them to further be more resilient to change:

  • 62 percent of those surveyed in the US describe cloud computing as representing an opportunity for their business as compared with their peers in the UK (68 percent), Japan (59 percent), and Australia (48 percent).
  • 51 percent of US respondents said they are leveraging the cloud to access elements of their business management software, with customer relationship management (CRM) and ecommerce being the cloud-based business applications they most commonly use.

If your business, or organization, is on the fence about using NetSuite ERP software, contact us. Discover how the cloud-based option offered through the Netsuite platform, can provide you with the tools to make your business more profitable.