Netsuite implementation is a streamlined processes, thanks to this cloud-based platform

It’s not always an easy transition for a business when implementing new ERP software. The pushback can be pervasive, from the cubicle to the C-level suite. Often, the reason is that not everyone has ‘signed on’ to this new way of handling the workflow. They no longer need to access multiple programs on numerous PCs in search of files and documents because they now will be using a single database management system.

Businesses owners may not warm to the idea of ERP software that is cloud-based. After all, their employees have used on-premise programs and applications for some time and are use to the old ways of doing things, so the thought of a NetSuite implementation that is purely cloud based is a new way of thinking.

As such, the entire company ‘culture’ can be negatively affected in the short-term. No doubt, major changes do take place once the ERP software is deployed, and employees start adjusting to more streamlined and automated methods of doing their daily tasks.

In fact, according to an article in Entrepreneur magazine, accounting departments struggle with issues of ‘accuracy’ daily. But in using cloud-based systems, records can be updated seamlessly with real-time data.

“The cloud has opened up a myriad of applications that can “speak to one another” and automate backend services. Additionally, the anytime, anywhere ability of cloud computing and smartphones makes it so you can update your books on the go.”

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