Gartner defines a legacy software system as one that uses outdated technologies to handle those most “ operations.” 

For SMB owners looking to upgrade their business processing software, the challenge is not just any new technology, but digital tools that offer “compatibility with old systems and data formats that are still in use,” as Gartner notes.

For that reason, Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM might well be a major disruptor in the way businesses are preparing to become more agile in today’s competitive marketplace. It might begin with simply understanding at what stage companies are reaching the customer in their “life cycle,” as offered in an overview by Forbes:

“ …you can’t change customer relationships wholesale across a business, you have to change them one at a time, and at the appropriate stage of the customer life cycle. That can mean that a firm’s ability to change can be limited by the speed of the cycle that they are going through with their customers.”

Dynamics 365 is offered as a single bundle for companies in need of both a CRM and ERP platform. Moreover, and because the software is cloud based, hefty upfront costs for on-premise deployments and additional hardware is a thing of the past. The platform also provides scalable modules that can grow with a business, or business cycle. Those modules include Finance & Operations, Retail, Talent, Sales, Customer Service, Project Service Automation, Field Service, & Marketing.

Companies in this “era of digital intelligence” need the cloud-based analytics offered by Dynamics 365 for to glean better customer insights. New “touch points” are needed, notes Forrester, particularly in today’s “macro marketing environment:”

“It’s clear that traditional analytics approaches were not designed or intended to handle the breadth of channels, devices, volume, and speed that fuel today’s digital interactions.” for more information on how Dynamics 365 can prepare your company to become more agile moving forward.