Microsoft Dynamics nonprofit ERP software brings business capabilities like marketing and customer relationship management (CRM)


Workers in non-governmental organizations (NGOs), be they non-profits or citizen’s groups serving locally or internationally, for example, bring a unique set of criteria to the performance of their duties.

For one, individuals, team members and directors, still rely emphatically on the need for good data to help them carry out their mission, or goal.


Bringing ‘business’ foresight to the nonprofit…

As such, Microsoft developers drilled-down on Dynamic CRM’s analytic capabilities to produce for nonprofits a software that could offer parallel outcomes enjoyed in the corporate world: analytics to track revenue sources aka top-donors—how best to build upon ongoing relationships for future campaigns. It’s no surprise, then, that the roots of Microsoft Dynamics for nonprofits built around the business suite’s range of options:

“Microsoft Community Affairs and the Dynamics CRM product team have developed the “Non-profit Solution for Microsoft Dynamics CRM” as a starting point for non-profit organizations. The accelerator has modified the corporate version of CRM to include objects such as “Donations” and relationships to “Members.” The Solution can be modified to suit most nonprofit business needs through customization.”


Go beyond traditional tracking methods, like Excel or Word…

While ‘donor lists’ are only one small segment within this non profit ERP software Dynamic suite, using old methods of note-taking via Word, or Excel spreadsheets, may be okay at one level of efficiency. But what’s needed is today’s ERP technology to move the organization beyond the status-quo in its ability to meaningful interaction with donors and volunteers.

Indeed, Dynamics CRM is more than a contact file, or a high-powered Rolodex: the suite uses many of the Office 365 apps keyed to nurturing relationships among donors, volunteers and clients.


Marketing and sales a key component…

The software provides the non-profit professional with that all-important constituent profile while offering customization for marketing, sales and even customer relationship tools. All with a quick startup scenario due in part to familiar apps like Office Outlook.

Learn more about Dynamic’s full range of capabilities, and customized offerings: fully scalable as the organization expands, with price levels suitable for the nonprofit’s budget. Contact us for more information.