Nonprofits in search of modernizing their data pipeline, web hosting, and security need look no further than Azure cloud. With reliable and ‘scale-able’ computing capacity, data storage and retrieval, and great customer service, Microsoft ensures that nonprofits can continue focusing on tackling the world’s biggest problems with unique solutions while their tech infrastructure rests in the capable hands of Azure.

These three resources and services make Azure the best cloud option on the market for nonprofits.

Microsoft Azure Training for Nonprofits

Microsoft has made available a free guide for strategy and implementation of Azure cloud services for nonprofits. The e-book covers general principles of cloud architecture and design, as well as migration and integration to help IT teams move over to a cloud-based operating model efficiently. The company also offers a wide variety of training modules covering topics like deploying websites to Azure and automating workflow. The Modern Data Warehouse Webinar Series for Nonprofits also discusses why nonprofits should consider modernizing their infrastructure and the benefits of cloud migration.

Discounts & Donations for Nonprofits

Eligible nonprofit organizations can receive donated Microsoft products and Azure credits, including Microsoft 365, Azure and Dynamics 365, Surface hardware, and on-premises software, in addition to $3,500 (USD) of Azure services credits per year. To receive these benefits, nonprofits need only confirm their eligibility for the program and then apply. For organizations who have never used this grant or need a refresher on the process, Microsoft offers a free Azure Onboarding Concierge service which can guide them and offer resources.

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Microsoft Partners

Azure’s partners around the world help nonprofits with tools and solutions specifically designed for humanitarian work. This includes emphasis on security of data, migration from older data models to cloud solutions, and Microsoft licensing services. Microsoft and partnering companies offer solutions for changes in workflow since the pandemic. From remote work to rapid response, virtual fundraising, and health response support.

If you are a nonprofit looking to modernize your tech infrastructure, Azure is the way to go.

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