Microsoft Dynamics GP integrates data from multiple programs for real-time decision making.

Manufacturers are constantly monitoring production line activity, relying on floor supervisors to keep ahead of equipment failures, shipping bottlenecks and problems with materials coming into the warehouse.

It’s not uncommon for companies to have multiple locations with the warehouse in one part of the city, or another part of the state. But the accountability for mistakes, such as shipping errors or not having the parts on hand to minimize machinery downtime, can come down to multiple reasons for failure. As such, higher costs are borne throughout the company because of inadequate and accountable solutions.

By using Microsoft Dynamics GP, for example, accounting gurus can provide data on each product being shipped to include costs and profit margins; this, in real-time and accessible from the floor, the field or on the road. This means decision makers can make more intuitive decisions, as opposed to basing their decisions on historical, or past data.

Part of the problem with not having a single, database management system like Dynamics GP software is the lack of integration of all data. For example, the parts warehouse manager can track life cycles of machine parts. They can also have at hand a copy of warranty info and pricing information coming in real-time for vendor ‘A Lists’.

What’s more, when prices are updated using the Dynamics ERP platform, they appear instantly across the company with little delay from transferring data between programs.

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