MS Dynamics GP utilizes Business Intelligence (BI) for better insights and decision-making

Business owners may be surprised at the level of insight available through the Business Intelligence (BI) module offered in the Microsoft Dynamics product line, such as through the MS Dynamics GP platform.

It’s often no surprise that the design of ERP software automates and streamlines back office tasks. But when it comes to the analytics of Big Data, that is information gathered from a host of structured and unstructured data, the case for high-value results is compelling.

Ask any business owner what he is monitoring right now within his organization and chances are it revolves around revenue and cost controls. The former encompasses the health of the customer base, while the latter reflects the cost of doing business: moving product from the line to the warehouse and to the customer’s door.

The unique thing about using BI is the overview it provides on the inner-workings of the company, from sales to manufacturing and finance, for example. Too, all of this gathered data can be synced and accessed remotely by decision makers in the plant, in the client’s office or on the road.

In short, BI offers a peek at potential problem areas, or customer trends based on purchasing histories. Users can program specific queries to track key elements, as well as create special dashboards to follow these areas in real-time.

Using BI in the manufacturing sector is becoming more prevalent , as noted by Automation World, which sees strong trends driving its use:

* Visual data discovery/query tools will be getting the most business intelligence investment moving forward rather than interactive or static dashboard-based BI or static, text-based reports;

* Providing mobile access to BI data is of increasing importance.

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Written by B.H. (Sales Team)