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When implementing a new ERP or CRM solution at your organization, providing training for your employees is an important part of ensuring the project’s success. As a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner with a competency in Microsoft Dynamics, we provide Dynamics CRM training in a variety of formats both in-person and online. Because no two businesses are alike, we can even customize the training to suit your needs. Whichever training road map you choose, we wanted to share some tips to help you get the most out of your Dynamics training experience. 

Do your homework in advance. There is so much material covered in a training course that it is hard absorb it all, let alone come up with questions on the spot. If you are able, try out the software in advance. Experiment with some real world scenarios to see what challenges surface. Then bring a list of questions along with you to the training. Even if you are not able to get your hands on the software in advance, think about what you need your ERP or CRM software to do for you and bring a list. 

Maintain laser focus on the training. If possible, arrange for others to cover your responsibilities back at the office so you can stay focused on the dynamics training. If you minimize distractions and remain focused on what the people in the room are saying, there is a better chance that you will retain what you learned. There is much to learn with your new software, so you certainly want to retain as much as possible. 

Connect with other Dynamics users. While you are at training, be sure to engage with the instructor and other business professionals in the room. Round table discussions are one of the best ways to learn from others’ experience. After the training, connect with other Dynamics customers via user groups and online forums. Remember to contribute what you know as well. The more you are willing help others, the more others are willing to help you. 

If you are looking for ways to connect with the Dynamics community or are in need of Dynamics CRM training, and for help developing the right training plan for you, contact us for more information.