As Microsoft expands the availability of Microsoft Copilot globally, users are already beginning to appreciate its potential and understand the influence of generative AI in their work setting. A recent Microsoft research reported that 11-minute time saving is enough for most individuals to realize the usefulness of AI.

And after a span of 11 weeks—equivalent to a business quarter—many users report improvement in critical aspects of their work, such as productivity and a decrease in the number of meetings. 

Microsoft has just revealed new enhancements to Copilot within Teams. These advancements will significantly enhance teamwork and improve the quality of hybrid meetings. Let’s dive into the new features. 

Enhancing Teamwork Intelligence 

In response to user feedback, Microsoft is upgrading the in-meeting experience of Copilot in May 2024. Now, Copilot won’t just provide information and insights from the meeting transcript alone but also from the meeting chat. As you access Copilot within a meeting chat, you’ll be presented with a more detailed, holistic understanding of the meeting’s discussions, whether they were spoken (transcript) or typed (chat). 

Copilot in Teams chat compose box 

Starting in April, get ready to embrace Copilot within your Teams chat compose box. Photo-edit texts, tweak your messages or wholly transform them according to your requirements. Looking to infuse a persuasive call to action or switch your writing style to something as fun as pirate speak? Copilot has your back. Soon, just by simply inputting a few words in Teams chat, Copilot will help you auto-craft a fresh message with ease. This not only eliminates the need for initial brainstorming but also makes it effortless to adapt and revise your messages. 

Intelligent call recap 

The Intelligent Call Recap offers AI-driven insights and summaries for your VoIP and Public Switched Telephone Network calls managed within Teams which will be generally available in June for Teams Premium and Copilot users. 

Enhancing Hybrid Meetings 

Microsoft IntelliFrame 

Juggling both in-person and remote attendees in hybrid meetings can often be a challenge. Identifying who is in the room or who is speaking can be difficult for those joining remotely. However, the new feature, Microsoft IntelliFrame provides a solution to this problem by enhancing the visibility of participants in Teams Rooms using Cloud AI. This advanced technology identifies and captures individual video feeds of each participant in the room. This new feature determines the optimum view of each attendee in a meeting, guaranteeing that every remote participant is aware of who is in the room. It performs a comparative analysis of multiple video feeds such as individual laptop and room cameras, assuring that the room captures, segments, and offers the most advantageous head position for the benefit of remote attendees.  

For instance, it will prioritize laptop video feeds over the front room camera when several people are in the same room. If, for any reason, a camera view becomes obstructed, IntelliFrame will automatically select an alternate camera view, ensuring that remote participants always have a clear view. 

Watch Full Demo here  

Speaker Recognition 

While not all Teams Rooms are equipped with smart speakers, enhancements are on the horizon. Set to unveil in a public preview in April 2024, speaker recognition abilities for all types of microphones will significantly enhance transcript preciseness. This development will further enrich the insights provided by Copilot in Teams Rooms operating on Windows platforms. By simply registering your voice and face profiles, everything you say during a Teams Room meeting is singled out and credited to you in the transcript. This promises a more personalized and productive meeting experience. 

Voice Isolation 

In addition, if you find yourself needing to attend a call or meeting amidst a noisy environment, Microsoft Teams Voice Isolation feature is set to debut in April 2024. This innovative tool guarantees that only your voice gets transmitted. This AI-powered high-end noise filtering feature will zero in on your voice, effectively muting all ambient noise — even conversations around you. 

Copilot for Service 

An upcoming upgrade for the Copilot for Service is set to enhance your team’s ability to interact with Copilot during meetings. This enhancement will enable agents to discuss cases and contacts, summarize cases, draw upon knowledge, and much more. It leverages the existing feature of using Copilot in Teams for managing and updating CRM records.  

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