Dynamics CRM engages customers through mobile connectivity

According to Pew Research, the digital landscape is primed for mobile-device expansion. While 34 percent of smartphone users today are accessing the Internet through their devices. That percentage will jump dramatically to 93 percent by 2017. This serves to illustrate the need for businesses to provide more support channels—mobile access—for more meaningful engagement with their customers.

Further research conducted by thinkjar indicates that two-thirds of businesses are moving towards “multi-channel support” to handle many aspects of customer service tasks. Unfortunately, the demand has created an array of “apps” that businesses can offer their customers.

But the difficulty with such “native apps” is the inherent expense tied to long development cycles, not to mention the lack of scalability for expanding businesses.

Fortunately, for companies that use Microsoft Dynamics CRM software, their CRM platform integrates seamlessly with a third-party app (Vertex) that functions as a customer support gateway. In addition, the connectivity with Dynamics CRM makes it easy for businesses to authorized users to share data with vendors and clients, for example. Consequently, there is no need to maintain a separate ‘channel’ for handling customer service tasks.

Business need to be concerned about abandoning their ‘old way’ of handling customer relationship management, such as relying on multiple programs. Instead, the Dynamics CRM software is completely scalable, allowing businesses to utilize select modules as needed. What’s more, Dynamics CRM can be deployed as on-premise and online; furthermore, critical files can remain on-premise while CRM Online provides Web access to marketing and sales-related processes.

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Written by B.H. (Sales Department)

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