Effectively Managing a Microsoft Dynamics GP Implementation

Dynamics GP implementation

Let’s be honest, all ERP implementations are a struggle; and for those companies looking to implement Microsoft GP, this is no different. You may find yourself asking, “How do we ensure that the implementation will be successful?”

The answer to this question is different for every organization, but a few key things can help make sure that your dynamics gp implementation brings success.

Ownership of the Project

Take control of the implementation process and provide leadership that will instill confidence in your group, as well as the consultant you are looking to utilize. Pick your team with care and commitment, knowing that this group will be instrumental in understanding your company processes and help minimize customization. Whatever direction you choose to go, you are going to need the support of every department and manager within the organization. This will be no easy task, and with a proper team behind you this will make all the difference.

Partnering with the Right Consultant

This consultant should partner with you in every aspect of the Dynamics GP implementation  Allow the consultant to follow through on projects, training and even beyond your go live date to help ensure a successful launch. Let them participate with the team in finding the right solution and tools for each department. You will learn a lot from the team and there is much to prepare your organization for this time of growth and change, consider that consultant part of that team.

Following Through to Completion

This step may seem like a foregone conclusion, but keeping your foot on the gas and following through can sometimes be tough to do as you have multiple leaders stepping up to take on different aspects of the project. Recognize a true leader, managing the whole group is still necessary and you sought out to find a solution to begin with. Stay the course and manage that team of leaders until you have found success. The time will come that you will step back and smile at the hard work that has given you a completed project.

Understand, there are many more reasons that a Dynamics GP implementation could fail or succeed, and you will need endurance to see such a project through. Staying focused on your goal at hand is necessary to remain committed to the task; and certainly, the proper consultant can make that process easier.

If you feel you have more questions than answers, or are looking to make that next step in choosing your implementation specialist, please feel free to contact us and we will help you manage this process together.

Written by J.C (Consulting Team)