5 Keys For A Successful Dynamics GP Implementation

A Dynamics GP Implementation requires key elements to make them successful. Enterprise Resource Management is important for tracking all the key data in your organization from accounting to customer relations and integrating it together. Successful ERP implementation is key for your organization to getting all the benefits. Below are 5 keys to a successful Dynamics GP implementation.

1. Plan for the ERP implementation

Evaluate the company’s existing IT framework to understand what is needed in an ERP system. Do you have an existing IT team onsite to manage the system effectively? Will you need to hire additional staff to implement and manage the ERP software? There is cloud-based software available to manage the ERP system.

2. Consider a cloud based ERP system

An ERP system can require additional manpower and extra hours by the IT staff, consider choosing an ERP cloud based system. Choose an ERP software like Dynamics GP , if you need a cost-effective way and support for using it. The cloud provider of the system will integrate all your key functions without the use of your IT department, reducing costs and time.

3. Hire a ERP system consultant

Your company and IT department won’t have to deal with this alone, there are reputable consultants that help make companies successful every day. A consultant can save you time, money and headaches when implementing an ERP system. A good consultant will be there during implementation and after to make sure it runs smooth. If you cannot afford to hire a consultant to help vet the process for you, appoint someone internally to be your “internal project manager”. They will need to be someone that can manage the ERP search & evaluation and can handle the task on top of their day-to-day tasks.

4. Include upper management in the process

Make sure the top management is involved in the implementation of the ERP system. It is critical that IT and others working on the implementation are interacting with the upper management of the organization. Good communication with all major departments of your organization is key for the launching of the ERP software.

5. Provide proper training for Dynamics GP implementation

Without the proper training with the new ERP system, the software will not be as effective. All levels of employees using the system should be properly educated and trained to use it and this includes ongoing training. Working with an ERP provider you want someone that has experience in your industry and has a large enough staff that can handle not only your implementation but the potential dozens or hundreds of clients they may have.

TMC has a large consulting staff with different specialties to help your company in specific niches whether you are an Ecommerce Distributor and have special needs around supply chain modules or you are a Restaurant Chain and need help with your Intercompany and Multi-Entity transactions. Make sure you find a partner like TMC that has been around for 30 plus years and has completed over 1,000 ERP implementations.

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