Strategic planning for an organization’s information technology needs doesn’t need to be as challenging and complex as some organizations believe it must be. A successful digital transformation can and does occur when organizations understand that behind every successful digital transformation resides a comprehensive solution delivered by the right partner.

Why Multiple Vendors Doesn’t Work

Technology is supposed to streamline organizational processes, increase productivity, and provide real, tangible value to a company’s operations and future growth. Too often, however, due to a lack of strategic planning, technology becomes more of a burden instead of an asset.

Specifically, this occurs when decision-makers become swayed by various sales vendors, all of whom promise their solution is the one they truly need. Such independent vendors may offer

  • An ERP system.
  • CRM software.
  • An HR software package.
  • Training
  • A marketing application.
  • A supply chain system, and many others.

With this approach, organizational processes are in no way streamlined, due to the 10+ vendor systems that do not work well with each other.  Soon, an organization’s staff become noticeably unproductive. There are simply too many systems they must use, and they all operate differently and independently of each other. The training they receive does not address how the disparate systems are supposed to work together (because they don’t), and since the different systems have little or nothing in common, staff members cannot rely upon any built-in intuitiveness to tell them how to navigate through a rarely used function. Error rates noticeably increase, and all levels, from the clients and the staff members who work with them, to the decision-makers; all eventually become frustrated on some level.

How Successful Digital Transformation Works

Digital transformation works when companies decide to harness the power of One. One technology partner that provides a SaaS (software as a service) solution encompassing every technological component required for the successful operation of a business. Instead of companies spending their efforts on strategically managing a software ecosystem, with the right technology partner, they’ll be able to focus their efforts on managing and growing their business. From consulting and staff training, to the most important of all, comprehensive support; having one digital transformation partner is the straight path to success.

Hiring the right consultant means partnering with someone who understands all the different components that make up your organization and who has a solution to address each one of them. Getting staff up to speed becomes more efficient as they are trained by the same partner who thoroughly understands each component of their provided solution. Since each individual component (e.g., CRM, ERP, HR, supply chain, marketing, etc.) was built by the same vendor, the seemingly independent components work well together, and they all offer an intuitive feel for staff members as they learn new functions and processes. Lastly, when any member of the organization requires support, there is easy access to one support source rather than wasting time tracking down the right vendor of an individual system.

Why Microsoft Azure

Microsoft’s cloud-based platform, Microsoft Azure, offers more than 200 services and products, all designed to empower organizations to do what they do best, which is to deliver their own premier products and/or services to their clients. Azure delivers on what matter most to companies who want to be successful, both now and in the future. Specifically, the Azure platform addresses

  • The best security practices.
  • Solutions for a variety of industries
    (e.g., retail, government, financial services, manufacturing, health services, and more).
  • The creation of solutions built on an organization’s own terms
    (with regard to support of chosen frameworks, deployment options, etc.)
  • Offering organizations a platform that will grow with their business.


At Technology Management Concepts, we want to show you how having one dedicated digital transformation partner will be able to provide everything your organization needs today and tomorrow. Please contact us to make an appointment for a private consultation.