Tips for Choosing the Best ERP Consultant

An ERP consultant is someone who can help to make sure that the project is running smoothly, typicall working as an ERP Vendor, or a Technology Group. However, choosing the wrong consultant could mean that the entire project is placed off track. In order to ensure that you find the right ERP consultant, be sure to consider the following tips.

  1. Develop a Plan

Being on the same page with your consultant is important, regardless of the specific consultant that you choose. To do this, it is best for businesses to create a plan that they can share with their consultant so that the ERP consultant understands the goals and needs of the company.

  1. Read the Fine Print

When you are going over the contract that your ERP consultant provides, be sure to review everything. Look for things that are billable and make sure that the consultant plans to be on-site during the consulting process.

  1. Prepare the Software Scope

While listing modules that are included in the project is important, it is also important to consider the additional features and functions of each module and address them with your consultant. If this is not addressed, it is possible that items will be installed that are unnecessary, which will waste the time of your consultant.

  1. Understand Responsibilities

Finally, make sure that you understand the responsibilities of the company versus those of the ERP consultant. You should take time to define these responsibilities so that everyone understands who is responsible for them. This is also something that will help with the budgeting aspect of the project.

Relying on an ERP consultant is something that many businesses do when going through an ERP project. To learn more about how you can prepare for this process, be sure to contact us today.

Written by E.C. (Consulting Team)