4 Areas to Consider Before Choosing Your Dynamics GP Developer

When you are looking for a Dynamics GP developer, there are several things to consider in selecting a developer and starting your project.

Development Style

Does your Dynamics GP developer work with a style that matches your current needs? Dynamics GP is robust out-of-the box, and is customizable to fit your needs. Does the development and implementation work you need done match the strengths of your developer?

Target Market

Before you implement any new software system, take time to understand your target market and how the software enables you to better meet their needs. A good Dynamics GP developer should help you understand how to tailor the ERP for your specific needs and industry, and help you meet the needs of your customers.

Predominant Needs

What do you need from an ERP? What do you need from Dynamics GP specifically? These needs will determine the process you go through to develop and implement your specific version of Dynamics GP. The best way to understand your needs is to determine what pain points you are trying to correct with your software: inventory management, customer relationships, warehousing and distribution, or even accounting.


What is the timeframe for your development project to be most successful? If you need a deployment yesterday, you may consider simply implementing Dynamics GP out of the box, if you are planning significant changes to your business systems in the future, set a timeframe and plan to roll out your development throughout that timeframe .

Whatever you are considering doing with your Dynamics GP development, it is important you find a developer who understands your needs, who can meet your timeframe, and understands your target market and your internal business processes. The right Dynamics GP developer will be able to meet your business needs and implement a timely and efficient ERP deployment. Contact us for more information about Dynamics GP and custom implementations.

Written by D.L. (Technical Team)