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When employees are fluent in similar software it becomes easier to train one part of the company to interact with another. With Dynamics 365 training the employees get instruction on as much of the CRM as is necessary to ensure consistency.

Regular learning on an adaptable software platform allows for smooth transition from one part of the company to another. Dynamics 365 training provides businesses with the ability to get new employees and veterans up to speed on the same system.

It utilizes many of the legacy systems by connecting some of these disparate elements of older CRMs into seamless integration. The training shows users how to use Excel spreadsheets, Outlook emails and even some financial features with the new Dynamics 365.

The new Dynamics 365 training program shows an increasingly connected workforce how to utilize mobile apps that connect through browsers on employees phones.

Training methods:

All training is adaptable to the needs of the business. Learning is available through the web on a small scale basis for just a hand full of employees or through a video lecture series. Dynamics 365 training allows for classroom learning with hands-on methods for greater flexibility.

Companies that are increasingly moving data and customer related issues to cloud based web management should consider the ease of integration that Dynamics 365 offers. Also, with the acquisition of LinkedIn Microsoft has made of lot of processes with resumes and learning more seamless.

Interested in the capabilities offered by the Dynamics 365 and the available apps, contact us for more information. We offer a full range of training options for your employees.