ERP Training: How to Make it Successful?

Helpful tips for ERP Dynamics training.

ERP training is tricky, we know. That’s why we’re providing  these tips to make it a little easier:


  • Make training a priority: Installing a new ERP system isn’t cheap, especially if you went the costly route of on-premise. It was worth the money though, right? Not if your people don’t understand how to use it. You should have a training plan all mapped out, before launching the new system.
  • Change it up: Any teacher worth their tenure will tell you that every student is unique. What works for one may not work for another. Implementing various instructional methods is ideal, more so if you’re training larger groups. Learning Solutions Mag discusses different training methods for ERP systems, such as e-learning (on-line), on-site, video courses and instructor based training.
  • Follow-up:I have the best employees in the business, no reason to check their progress,” said the world’s most naive boss. Even the best need you to check in on them occasionally. E-learning makes tracking your employee’s training quick and easy. It’s also a great idea to set goals in the beginning, so your people understand what they’re expected to know and when.
  • Keep it going: Whew, everyone tested awesome on the new system. No more training! Wrong. ERP systems undergo updates and upgrades on a regular basis. It’s important to schedule routine training in order to keep your employees up to speed.

We understand the difficulties associated with choosing the best solution and ERP training for your company. Let us help. If you need further information, please contact us. Thanks.

Written by D.W. (Consulting Team)