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Mention ERP training and watch as low-level employees’ eyes glaze over, mid-level managers stress over lost time, and high-level executives strive to make a good return on a high-stakes investment.

When it comes to training on new software there are numerous obstacles, at both the individual and enterprise level. However, with a carefully strategeized roll-out, and with a partner as invested in project success as you are, an efficient training situation can exist. Here’s how:

Break Down Silos

Including C-level executives throughout every stage of the implementation process is essential to project success. Not only do these executives lead by example, but they assist in breaking down silos. Executives who choose integrated teams to manage ERP training and implementation throughout the organization have found success.

Christine Hansen, senior product marketing manager at Epicor Software Corporation toldCIO:

By building a cross-functional team, companies not only improve the likelihood that all areas of the business are addressed, but also help create buy-in that can drive the overall project’s success.

Encourage Flexibility

Since not every member of the cross-functional team will share the same priorities, it is important that ERP training is flexible. Some organizations find that providing upper and mid-management tutorials and hands-on training prior to universal roll-out is effective, while other organizations find that every employee benefits from one-on-one training. Still other organizations have found that hands-on combined with tutorials, in the form of small group training led by an expert who can answer questions as they arise, is another effective strategy.

There isn’t a single ERP training method that is 100 percent effective, but finding out from supervisors and managers what strategies work best with their front-line employees helps keep the training flexible and productive.

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