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If you purchase ERP software, you will need to do more than just implement it. The organization will receive many benefits from this new software including saving time and money, increasing profit margins and inventory accuracy.

Without your employees receiving proper Microsoft Dynamics training, it can cause problems with the implementation of the software according to ERP Experts Online Forum. The article states that ERP systems are 90% about the people and only 10% about IT. How are your employees and company culture going to be effectively trained to deal with this new system?

Effective Microsoft Dynamics Training

One of the biggest problems with the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics is the lack of effective end-user training. Organizations need to make sure that all employees are on-board with the new system before it goes live. How can they make sure this is done effectively?

  • Use a blend of training techniques which includes classroom training and e-learning. This kind of training will give users the knowledge and hands-on training with Microsoft Dynamics simulations.
  • Specific roles of the end-users and how the software will affect them needs to be highlighted. This keeps them engaged and interested during the learning process.
  • Seek professional help for the most effective Microsoft Dynamics training. Having an in-house group is not the most effective choice for training and can lead to problems. Having an experienced training partner and consultant will make sure your company avoids the pitfalls of poor training.
  • Effective training value is the key for the successful implementation of Microsoft Dynamics software. Spending effective time and training on the new ERP software will ensure success, even with tight budgets.

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