Businesses today are all shifting their operation online, and business owners have purchased the best tools to integrate data and business strategies to help make more informed business decisions.

Even as they strive to get the best technology tools like Microsoft Dynamics 365, their employees’ ability to use these features will determine how well the technology improves business decisions. A team of trained employees will utilize Dynamics 365 fully by forming better customer engagement, finance, order fulfillment, and boost sales and marketing strategies.

Let’s look at the importance of training your employees on Dynamics 365 Sales (CRM)

  • Your business productivity and efficiency margins will increase when your team is well trained in using Dynamics CRM. When your team masters this technology, the interactions between clients, donors, and members will be better and smoother.
  • With knowledge comes power; this power gives your team the confidence to handle clients, issues, requests, and other issues. This confidence will inspire your clients’ loyalty and ensure that the problems are settled to the clients’ satisfaction.
  • With the addition of new capabilities and features in this technology, regular upskilling is required for your staff to continue maximizing the benefits of Dynamics 365 Sales (CRM).

Why you should train your teams on Dynamics 365 Business Central (ERP)

Dynamics 365 Business Central (ERP) Enterprise Resource Planning system brings together finance, manufacturing, retail, supply chain, warehouse, and inventory to help businesses run efficiently and flexibly. When ERP systems are fully utilized, your business:

  • It can run more efficiently when you can identify potential problems and resolve them before they compromise operations.
  • The automation of finances helps save money and ensure budgets are followed, helping your business avoid running into debt by changing strategies if there are signs of overspending.
  • Using ERP, there is the flow of data from one department to the other making the whole company profit by leaving no department behind.
  • When the company runs efficiently, the team’s productivity improves by bringing data, people, and processes together.
  • ERP helps you develop better strategies to help your company in the future. Using predictive models, you can estimate how well you’ll be doing and find ways to improve.

You cannot find employees who have mastered all Dynamics 365 features; hence the next best option will be to train them. There are various learning methods; you can hire an expert to come and have a workshop in your company on how to use Dynamics 365, or your teams can learn online from the Microsoft Learning Partners. You can have training sessions once a year or once every six months.

The “Scary Thought” we hear from our customers

If you have one employee who fully manages and utilizes Dynamics 365 but gets a better job offer and leaves. What happens then? All the customer relations will stall, the business will not be efficient, and lose track of inventory, sales, and budget.

Many complications could arise, but when you invest in your teams, first, no one would want to leave somewhere they are valued and satisfied; second, even if one or two people go, you are still set, and your business will not stall.

After purchasing your Dynamic 365, have first-hand access to resources, tools, programs, and connections. Partners will help you get all your staff trained, and when there are new features and capabilities released, you will be the first to know, helping your business grows and fulfilling customers’ needs.

It is also good to note that being proactive will cost you less than being reactive. Hence train your teams and employees to avoid rushing at the last minute and see the difference in how fully utilized Dynamics 365 features can serve you, return on investment, and success in the world of business uncertainty. Contact us today to learn more!