The Best ERP Software is SupportedThe best ERP software is implemented and supported by a certified partner who is there for your business every step of the way. The best enterprise resource planning software includes Microsoft Dynamics and NetSuite. All your key business functions are integrated with both of these, giving your business the best ERP software available. The best thing about both ERP systems is that you can have it managed in a cloud without the need for a on-site server, saving you the most important factors, time and money.

Microsoft Dynamics ERP software advantages

With Microsoft Dynamics ERP software you get many advantages including;

  • The Dynamics ERP software is easy to learn and get used to, if you are familiar with other Microsoft products. This gives employees an edge to using it effectively.
  • Centralization of data can be used on premise or on a cloud system.
  • Important information is available in real-time, giving decision-makers an advantage.
  • 26% Year-Over-Year ERP growth rate when companies use Dynamics GP software

NetSuite ERP Advantages

  • NetSuite is the most implemented ERP software in the world today in 100 different countries.
  • NetSuite is the most used cloud-based system in the world today.
  • (KPI) Key performance indicators are utilized within the system, giving managers in both small and large companies a strategic advantage.
  • Reduces IT costs, with a cloud-based system it is managed remotely from a designated provider.
  • Mobility is an advantage, giving your employees access to these key ERP functions 24/7 from anywhere.

What makes these two ERP software systems even better, is having a Microsoft Gold or NetSuite Certified partner to help you from implementation to support along the whole way. Contact us, for any questions you may have.