At first glance, Microsoft Dynamics GP and NetSuite are almost identical: cloud based? Check. ERP? Check. Financial management and accounting? Check. Scalable? Check. Customizable? Check. Easy to deploy, user-friendly, familiar formatting? Check, check and check. The differences are hard to find when you are comparing notes on which business management software to buy.

Andrew M. Dailey, writing for, analyses the impact that NetSuite is having on the market for cloud-based business management software in his article “NetSuite SuiteWorld 2014 – Cloud-based meat and potatoes.” Who will benefit most from NetSuite? “Midmarket companies looking for cloud-based order management, integrated financials, commerce, billing, and customer management/CRM should include NetSuite on their short list.”

The biggest difference you will find with NetSuite is integrating a powerful, flexible and scalable ERP with CRM and commerce. Microsoft Dynamics GP is only an ERP. Not to say that’s a bad thing, either.

Say you’re a small to mid-sized company, and you are just getting your feet wet in the wide world of cloud-based computing and data management. You want something that is accessible, easy to understand, allows you the freedom to manage customers and sales as before, and software that will grow with your company. Your best bet is to start with Dynamics GP! You will love getting to know all the amazing things that Dynamics GP as a cloud-based ERP will do for your business.

When you are ready to bring your CRM and point-of-sales on board with one, seamless integration – then you’re ready for NetSuite. In fact, Andrew M. Dailey reports meeting several Dynamics partners who have shifted their resources to NetSuite. Why? Because Microsoft does not offer any other business management software programs that come close to NetSuite. NetSuite is the one-stop-shop for complete integration of all your key business functions into one cloud-based application. With the click of a button, NetSuite’s patented dashboard gives you real-time, at-a-glance analytics of your entire business.

Are you ready to get your business in the cloud? Check. Do you know which Microsoft product is right for you? Check. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today!