Running a business is difficult. For any small or medium-sized business owner, the day-to-day operations often lead to 16 hour days full of multi-tasking, worry about choices you need to make or have made, and sometimes regret when those choices turn out poorly.

Don’t Worry, You’re Not Alone

If that sounds familiar, you’re not alone. Millions of business owners around the world face the same thing, and filling that void with a solution has caused a mighty vacuum. There are products that can help with one aspect of the business, others that work with other parts, but generally getting those programs to talk to each other is difficult if not impossible.

What if there was one program that could combine all of these services to work flawlessly, allowing your business to run easier, more efficiently, and maybe give you the day off from time to time?

NetSuite Has it All

NetSuite has spent 17 years perfecting the art of back-end business and making day-to-day business easier and less demanding. Naturally, nothing can make running a business truly easy, but by combining areas like HR, orders, shipping, billing, inventory, finance, customer relations, and e-commerce into one system, it helps you take a load off your back.

NetSuite implementation delves into every back-end aspect of your company to ensure it’s running efficiently. Let’s take a look at an example to see just how much simpler your day can be when you turn to NetSuite:


Business owners want to have their products available for customers to easily pick-up and decide to purchase, so having empty shelves, digital or otherwise, is bad for business. NetSuite Enterprise Business Planning(ERP) tracks your inventory ensuring that you always have product on hand when you need it.


When stock runs low, figuring out the right way to get more can be trickier than any consumer could imagine. Between multiple distributors, minimum order counts, and estimated delivery dates ranging from later that day to weeks in the future, having a program that knows all that stuff already can be a major time saver.

By combining the power of inventory management and ordering support, restocking can be simplified to a great extent. To give the user peace of mind, orders can be reviewed before they’re submitted so that inaccurate information can be fixed before it becomes a problem.

Shipping and Billing

Once product leaves the warehouse, even more challenges can arise. By streamlining the shipping process, NetSuite takes a load off of your shoulders and allows you to focus on other areas of the business. When the order arrives, NetSuite coordinates billing allowing you to ensure that everyone gets paid what they should, when they should, and for what they provided.

Human Resources

A business is only as strong as it’s team, and without a team it’s impossible to sell. NetSuite has you covered here too, cleanly and expertly allowing you to manage your employee base to ensure that you have the right people available to help you sell the products you’ve had shipped.

Customer Relations

Keeping the customer happy is more than just providing great products at reasonable prices, it’s about being there when problems happen so your business can evolve. NetSuite has you covered there with Customer Relations Management, a novel program that combines sales, marketing, and customer insight into actionable means to make your business better.

Keep Track of All That Money

By taking all of your business information and putting together financial reports, NetSuite even takes the headache out of your businesses books. By bringing in information from the other aspects of the program, the program can get an accurate, exhaustive account for the entire net of your business, streamlining the financial end of your business and taking one more load off your back.

E-Commerce Solution

Whether you’re just now considering adding an online store, or have been entirely online for the entirety of your businesses life, one thing is for certain: finding the right e-commerce solution is difficult.

Often you’re forced to choose between an amateurish look or an option that is simply too confusing or expensive for you to adequately implement with any success. NetSuite has a solution for that as well, by integrating e-commerce into the rest of the fantastic tools.

Combined to Make a World of Difference

It would be of little surprise if you were doubtful about the statements at the beginning claiming that NetSuite can streamline everything, but now that we’ve gone through the various aspects, can you rationalize not bringing it into your company?

This product, winner of PC Magazine’s Editor’s Choice award, can take a load off your back while making your business more efficient, more productive, and more profitable. Contact us to learn how we can help you bring it into your business at the guaranteed lowest prices.