Thanks to managed cloud providers like Azure cloud services, the digital world is simply making better, data-driven decisions notes ZdNet.

“Software used to be the undisputed No. 1 concern for digital transformation. Not anymore. While software remains key, its importance has been at least equal, if not overshadowed, by data.”

Microsoft Azure security

Moreover, companies migrating applications and infrastructure to Azure virtual services worldwide are reducing their IT expense, such as buying and maintaining their on-premise systems.

Regardless of this trend, security is uppermost in the mind of stakeholders, according to ZDNet:

“… security is the most important consideration for 38% of cloud service providers to achieve their business goals in the next two years, while Security Services will account for the largest increase in new cloud service investment with 44% indicating that by 2020 they will bundling managed security services and professional services with their infrastructure service offerings.”

Azure Early Threats Detection

Azure offers the top security with an addition to refrain from getting attacked by malware. With unique intelligence, the Azure Cloud services are able to detect new threats and respond quickly with services that are informed by real-time global cyber security intelligence delivered at cloud scale. With machine learning and behavioral analytics, Azure used Microsoft Intelligent Security Graph in order to analyze data resulting in Azure detect threats faster.

Azure Encryption defines ‘best practices.’

Protecting data in the cloud with today’s encryption methods starts with following “best practices” when considering the two conditions affecting data:

  • At Rest (Information Storage Objects).
  •  In transit (Data over the network).

Azure Key Vault

The TMC Azure Cloud provides subscribers access to the Azure Key Vault. For example, app developers no longer need to “store security information in their applications.” Furthermore, Admin’s can monitor permissions, granting—or revoking—access as needed.

When it comes to SaaS applications in the TMC Azure cloud services, such as Microsoft Dynamics 365, Azure protects the data with a network of multi-layered security “across physical data centers, infrastructure, and operations within Azure.”

Dynamics ‘Customer Engagement’

The security zone for Dynamics 365 ‘Customer Engagement’ apps (formerly CRM) requires the Admin center to create specific user accounts, allowing registration via an assigned license to unlock this Dynamics 365 feature.

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