A robust hybrid cloud capability, stretching to over 19 regions, including China, and rapid adaptation and adoption of other operating systems and platforms, is just among the few Microsoft azure benefits. Gartner ranks Azure cloud as an industry leader for both platform-as-a-service (PaaS) and infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS).

So why move to Azure for big data?

As an enterprise looking to leverage big data, here is how you can benefit from the Microsoft Azure cloud.

1. Reliable Data Storage and Backups

Microsoft Azure data is reliable and straightforward. But why move to the cloud for your enterprise data?

  • Store any data type such as queries, structured data sets, and file data
  • Azure hosting import/ export functionality
  • Share the data across VMS through the SMB 2.1 protocol, the industry-standard

2. Big Data Insights

The Apache Hadoop solution by Microsoft Azure HDinsight is among the robust Azure cloud services that allow the handling of large amounts of data at a time. Azure hosting services have two separate data centers that backup six copies of your data. Microsoft Azure also:

  • Integrates with Excel for better insights
  • Provides a reliable data backup and access
  • Offers a robust Azure Site Recovery

3. Data Security

Built based on Microsoft Security Development Lifecycle for the most secure code and Microsoft Azure support, Microsoft Azure is one of the safest places for enterprise data. Azure cloud is ideal for every business, regardless of size.

What type of security does Azure cloud offer?

Depending on the cloud service model, there are various levels of responsibility for managing the application or service’s security. Built-in features and partner solutions that can be deployed into an Azure subscription are both available in the Azure Platform to assist you in fulfilling these obligations.

Operations, Applications, Storage, Networking, Compute, and Identity are the six functional areas in which the built-in capabilities are grouped.

As Microsoft states:

Azure Active Directory, a comprehensive identity and access management cloud solution, helps secure access to data in applications on site and in the cloud, and simplifies the management of users and groups. It combines core directory services, advanced identity governance, security, and application access management, and makes it easy for developers to build policy-based identity management into their apps. To enhance your Azure Active Directory, you can add paid capabilities using the Azure Active Directory Basic, Premium P1, and Premium P2 editions.

Free / Common Features Basic Features Premium P1 Features Premium P2 Features Azure Active Directory Join – Windows 10 only related features
Directory Objects, User/Group Management (add/update/delete)/ User-based provisioning, Device registration, Single Sign-On (SSO), Self-Service Password Change for cloud users, Connect (Sync engine that extends on-premises directories to Azure Active Directory), Security / Usage Reports Group-based access management / provisioning, Self-Service Password Reset for cloud users, Company Branding (Logon Pages/Access Panel customization), Application Proxy, SLA 99.9% Self-Service Group and app Management/Self-Service application additions/Dynamic Groups, Self-Service Password Reset/Change/Unlock with on-premises write-back, Multi-Factor Authentication (Cloud and On-premises (MFA Server)), MIM CAL + MIM Server, Cloud App Discovery, Connect Health, Automatic password rollover for group accounts Identity ProtectionPrivileged Identity Management Join a device to Azure AD, Desktop SSO, Microsoft Passport for Azure AD, Administrator BitLocker recovery, MDM auto-enrollment, Self-Service BitLocker recovery, Additional local administrators to Windows 10 devices via Azure AD Join
  • Cloud App Discovery is a premium feature of Azure Active Directory that enables you to identify cloud applications that are used by the employees in your organization.
  • Azure Active Directory Identity Protection is a security service that uses Azure Active Directory anomaly detection capabilities to provide a consolidated view into risk detections and potential vulnerabilities that could affect your organization’s identities.
  • Azure Active Directory Domain Services enables you to join Azure VMs to a domain without the need to deploy domain controllers. Users sign in to these VMs by using their corporate Active Directory credentials, and can seamlessly access resources.
  • Azure Active Directory B2C is a highly available, global identity management service for consumer-facing apps that can scale to hundreds of millions of identities and integrate across mobile and web platforms. Your customers can sign in to all your apps through customizable experiences that use existing social media accounts, or you can create new standalone credentials.
  • Azure Active Directory B2B Collaboration is a secure partner integration solution that supports your cross-company relationships by enabling partners to access your corporate applications and data selectively by using their self-managed identities.
  • Azure Active Directory joined enables you to extend cloud capabilities to Windows 10 devices for centralized management. It makes it possible for users to connect to the corporate or organizational cloud through Azure Active Directory and simplifies access to apps and resources.
  • Azure Active Directory Application Proxy provides SSO and secure remote access for web applications hosted on-premises.

4. Integrative Data Solution

Seamless integration across Microsoft PaaS and SaaS is at the center of Microsoft Azure. This includes Dynamics ERP, System Center and PowerShell, Active Directory, and Visual Studio.

  • You can do more with your business data in a faster and more reliable environment
  • Scalability
  • Application integration solutions for Oracle EBS and SAP, among others

As highlighted above, the Azure ecosystem is the best place to be for your business data. Azure is continually growing and adding capabilities and applications to allow your business to leverage technology for growth. We are a Microsoft shop ONLY and Microsoft azure partner to help you move seamlessly to the Microsoft Azure cloud.

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