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Microsoft Dynamics Azure is a cloud-based system that can help any company function like a Fortune 500 company. Eighty-five percent of these companies are now using this cloud-hosting system. Azure has become popular because of all the advantages which it offers.

Companies of any size can become more efficient while increasing their sales. Microsoft Dynamics GP, SL, NAV and CRM can be used with the freedom of Azure. Below are five advantages of having Microsoft Dynamics hosted on the Azure cloud.

  1. Microsoft Azure is easy to integrate– With the popularity of other Microsoft products like Office 365, which you may use already it is easy to integrate all these systems into one.
  2. Reduces expenses– Using Azure gives your company a managed data center with a mobile network, computing and storage. The need for a on-site IT professional is less saving money.
  3. Greater mobility– Microsoft Dynamics Azure gives customers and employees mobility using their devices from wherever 24/7. Users just need a browser and internet connection to access all the key ERP functions.
  4. Faster Implementation of Microsoft Dynamics can have you up and running your ERP software which can be days instead of weeks.
  5. Flexibility– Azure gives you many scalable platforms, so you pay for only what you need. You can also customize the software for an exact fit to your particular industry and as you grow can increase the plan with “pay as you go” pricing.

Implementing a new Microsoft Dynamics Azure system requires a partner for the best success. There is a reason so many businesses see this cloud as the future and you can to with the help of a Microsoft Dynamics Partner. They can help you get the most from it, contact us for more information.