How Microsoft Azure Cloud can help your startup operate like a Fortune 500 company
Cloud services are particularly appealing for startups. Hardware is expensive, not to mention the money required to employ IT professionals who can manage and maintain servers. Cloud eliminates this cost and hands-on monitoring by offering pay-be-use compute and storage available all over the world. While there are many competitors in cloud offerings for startups, Microsoft Dynamics Azure can help any company function like a Fortune 500 company.

Ninety-five percent of these companies such as Shell, GEICO, CarMax and Metlife are now using this cloud-hosting system. Azure has become popular because of all the advantages it offers including best combination of pricing, scalability, and support that is perfectly suited to the needs of budding companies in any field. Below are seven advantages Microsoft Dynamics Azure offers startups.

  1. Companies of any size can become more efficient while increasing their sales. Microsoft Dynamics GP, SL, NAV and CRM can be used with the freedom of Azure.
  2. Microsoft Azure is easy to integrate- With the popularity of other Microsoft products like Microsoft 365, which you may use already it is easy to integrate all these systems into one.
  3. Reduces expenses- Using Azure gives your company a managed data center with a mobile network, computing and storage. The need for an on-site IT professional is less therefore you can save more money. Also, startups are eligible for a variety of discounts to help reduce costs and accelerate development.
  4. Greater mobility- Microsoft Dynamics Azure gives customers and employees mobility using their devices from wherever 24/7. Users just need a browser and internet connection to access all the key ERP/CRM functions.
  5. Faster Implementation of Microsoft Dynamics can have you up and running your ERP or CRM software which can be days instead of weeks or months.
  6. Flexibility- Azure gives you many scalable platforms, so you pay for only what you need. You can also customize the software for an exact fit to your particular industry and as you grow can increase the plan with “pay as you go” pricing.
  7. Support- Azure makes cloud computing accessible through workshops that teach developers and entrepreneurs how to use Microsoft tools to build their dream product. In addition to this, Microsoft has a variety of tech support plans for all types of cloud users, from casual developers who can get unlimited tech support during business hours to business professionals who want in-depth advisory services.

If you are a startup in the market looking for a cloud provider, look no further than Microsoft Dynamics Azure. Our experts can help you set up a subscription to meet all of your computing and storage needs- contact us today for more information on our services.

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