Enterprises left and right are realizing that they need Azure’s cloud computing in order to streamline their business. Can you believe that 90% of Fortune 500 companies are using Azure’s cloud computing platform to drive their business, and that shows a lot! This article will show you how the Azure Cloud Services can help you and your business.
Let’s take a step back and ask, “What exactly is cloud computing?” Well, Microsoft explains it very well:

“Cloud computing is when you access computing services—like servers, storage, networking, software—over the internet (“the cloud”) from a provider like Azure. For example, instead of storing personal documents and photos on your personal computer’s hard drive, most people now store them online: that’s cloud computing.”

Azure Cloud services are the next phase in business computing because they eliminate costs, such as labor and hard drives in a business model, which Azure, Microsoft’s cutting edge platform looks to bridge that gap. With offering`s such as virtual machine object storage and content delivery networks (CDNs), the cloud pendulum is shifting in Microsoft’s favor. Azure’s significance are unique and center down to business fluidity.

The following are reasons how Azure can help streamline your business and why it’s a leader in the Cloud market:

App management:

Azure Active Directory is a feature that provides a simplified identity system for on-premise apps. It enhances security, simplify access, and set smart policies with a single identity platform. This system offers seamless access to utilities such as applications to Office 365, and other business features Microsoft offers. Multi-factor authentication and Conditional Access policies add secure application access.


Azure Reserve Virtual Machine Instances (RIs) helps a business module cut on computing costs. This feature, however, requires users to delve into additional managerial tasks. This results in a faster and smarter deployment of apps. What you get is workload portability for the ultimate hybrid experience. If you want the access public cloud offers while meeting regulations and business requirements, then Azure is that platform.


Azure focuses on offering a technology that helps enable work balance. This should incorporate simplicity to support, fast to implement, and quick time to value.  A cloud-based solution, such as Dynamics 365 on Azure, then comes in as a no brainer since operation versus capital turns out to be beneficial to the business. Azure empowers your ERP and CRM to do much more than an on-premise solution.


It is public knowledge that Azure has several data storage centers and delivery points. A networked system of data storage helps with faster content delivery and optimum user experience.


Measures to ensure information security on Azure maintains utmost high standards. The data center has a two-tier encrypted format shouldered with proxy card security and hands geometric biometric systems for the safety of information. It detects threats before it even happens. Azure responds quickly with unique services informed by real-time global cyber security intelligence delivered at cloud scale.


Microsoft Azure has stamped its position on cloud computing that has seen its growth in market share in recent times. Renowned international companies have contracted this innovation with their sensitive information going to prove what Azure is capable of in this competitive field.

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