MS Dynamics GP ideal for startups all the way to Fortune 500 companies

As the owner of a growing electrical contracting business, you’ll never forget those startup days. You and your electrical apprentice logged a lot of hours on every job. Consequently, profits were skimpy, to say the least.

What’s more, after those 14-hour days, you then spent more time estimating and getting the bids out.

Still, life was pretty simple then, as your vendors were long-term and the material you needed was always available on short notice. Eventually, as you let someone else prepare the bids, your quotes were not accurate, and you had little time to oversee all of the estimating: you were running were running more crews, which meant less time on getting the bids out.

But as the number, and complexity, of the bids, increased, so to did the database of different items to price across numerous distributors in each of the regions you were working in.

Today, with ERP software like Microsoft Dynamics GP more integrated solutions are available to small and mid-size businesses. This means more transparency, better collaboration across all aspects of the job, from field works and subs to equipment and materials. Information can be accessed via mobile devices while you’re in the field, or on the road.

Ultimately, MS Dynamics GP cloud has not only made your project estimating more accurate, but profit margins improved as well, thanks to improved financial accounting and management controls.

Discover how easy MS Dynamics GP software is to implement with many options available for subscription levels as well. You can also find out more about the ERP solutions TMC offers by contacting us for more information.

Written by B.H. (Sales Team)