MS Dynamics GP ideal for Distribution companies requiring accounting software for small business

SMBs can get hammered if their accounting system doesn’t provide accurate tracking of material purchases, or the latest pricing changes that didn’t make it on the customer’s monthly invoice. Such is the case when business owners are relying on multiple programs or applications that offer little integration.

Legacy accounting programs, be it QuickBooks, or customized Excel spreadsheets can turn the best plan to generate positive working capital into the proverbial nightmare.

For example, as the client base grows, the need may arise to customize certain bills, or quote separate pricing based on loyalty programs, volume or special promotions. Sales teams are hampered in doing their job if they lack access to real-time data. Worse, customer relationships can be jeopardized then repeated accounting errors go uncorrected, causing yet more disruption to working capital.

Accounting software for small business, doesn’t have to run in isolation from other programs, or require endless searches for customer data like purchasing history. Managers on the factory line, for example, can monitor product cycles, or add a customized product with high-profit margins. Moreover, decision-makers can generate reports when needed, either in the office, on the road or in the customer’s office.

What’s more, with MS Dynamics GP supply chain management is enhanced with better tracking of materials, including inventory, finished goods and duration to the customer’s door.

MS Dynamics GP serves the eCommerce sector flawlessly with accurate transaction processing and even electronic data interchange, or EDI.

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 Written by B.L (Consulting Team)