Advantages of Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC & D365 Sales (CRM) Integration for Manufacturing and Distribution

Software like Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Center(BC) and Microsoft Dynamics Sales are staples for most companies in the manufacturing and distribution industry. The former is an ERP software that helps companies manage their finances, operations, and supply chains.

On the other hand, the latter is CRM software that helps companies manage their customer relationships.

Integrating these two software applications gives you a powerful software combination that can help you improve your sales process, increase your efficiency, and boost your bottom line.

Here are some advantages of integrating Microsoft Dynamics 365BC with 365 Sales.

Improved Inter-Departmental Collaboration

Integrating Dynamics 365BC and Dynamics Sales lets you connect all your data, so you can streamline communication and eliminate silos within your company. This improves collaboration between various departments.

For instance, you can enhance communication between your logistics department and the distribution warehouse to ensure smooth and efficient order fulfillment. Your sales team can also easily access customer information, purchase history, and inventory levels to provide personalized experiences and improve their closing rate.

This enhances your company’s communication and allows the seamless transfer of data across departments to form a more cohesive system. Your company can work much faster, reduce waste, and improve efficiency.

Streamlines Processes

Processes become a lot smoother when there’s improved communication between various departments. Integrating Dynamics 365BC and Dynamics Sales makes tracking inventory levels and customer information easier, allowing for a smoother sales process.

You can also automate certain tasks, like sending out regular updates to customers or creating quotes and orders. This saves time and allows employees to focus on more important tasks that require their attention.

Better Supply Chain Management

The more your business grows, the more suppliers you work with, and the more complex your supply chain becomes. Integrating Dynamics 365BC with Dynamics Sales can improve your supply chain management to keep track of inventory, orders, and deliveries in real time.

That way, you can always ensure that your products are delivered on time to your customers and that there’s enough stock for future sales. This also gives you insights into your budget and projected profitability.

Improves Inventory Chain Management

You can use Dynamics 365BC to track your inventory levels and Dynamics Sales to track customer orders. Doing so allows you to keep a close eye on stock levels and prevent overstocking or understocking. This helps prevent wasted resources and lost sales opportunities.

Furthermore, integrating Dynamics 365BC with Dynamics Sales creates a single repository for all relevant data. This improves forecasting since you can use sales data and inventory levels to predict future demand and plan for it accordingly.

Improves Customer Loyalty and Satisfaction

Integrating Dynamics 365BC with Dynamics Sales allows you to comprehensively view your customer information, including previous purchases, purchases in progress, and potential leads. This gives your sales team better insights into the customer’s needs and allows them to tailor their approach for a more personalized experience.

It also improves communication between departments, so your customer service team has all the information they need to provide quick and efficient solutions for any issues that may arise. This ultimately leads to improved satisfaction and loyalty from your customers.

If you want to up the ante, consider partnering with a Microsoft Dynamics partner like TMC. That way, you can ensure that the integration is seamless and all your Dynamics software is working together to its full potential. This is especially true if you don’t have a dedicated IT department or one unfamiliar with the software.

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