Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Simple Manufacturing with Demand Forecast

How to do Simple Manufacturing with Demand Forecast

I want to show you how you can easily use Dynamics 365 business Central to do simple manufacturing and also include init a demand forecast, so let’s take a look at it. This is the item I’m going to use for my finished good this air pod here we can take a look at the production bill of material these are all the items in the bill of material. These are all going to be back flushed when I finish the production order I’ve also set up a routing and the routing shows me machine centers and work centers that the product’s going to go through in order to get made and I’m going to create an entry from the production order to record the
actual labor on this this is my demand forecast right here I have the finished good item identified then I have the unit volumes identified for each month in my forecast so I’ve got the basic setup let’s go to the planning worksheets and get this going.
So this is my planning worksheet it’s blank and what I want to do is I’m going to prepare and then calculate the plan I’m going to calculate it out for another month here and I want to make sure to include my demand forecast I’m going to run the MPS and the MRP together you can do these separately if you want to this is going to create suggestions for production orders and also purchases I need to make in order to create this finished good so let’s run this and these are the results right here.  I can scroll over to the right and see that I’ve got two production orders that are being suggested and then I’ve got a number of purchases that are also being suggested and I’ve got an assembly in there that’s being suggested that I create that assembly as well once I have the results here and if I don’t want to make any changes I can just get the action messages and create the purchase orders and the production orders that we looked at earlier so go to home and carry out the action messages I’m going to create the production orders in a firm plan status and also make the purchase orders so let’s do that.
Let’s look at the purchase orders first it created this purchase order here these are all the items and the quantities from my MRP run I’m just going to go ahead and accept this. Let’s post this. If I go back to my role Center I’m logged in as a manufacturing manager and I can see on my role Center I’ve got four firms planned production orders. Let’s open those up the bottom two here are the assembly orders I need to create in order to have the sub-assemblies for my finished product so let’s go ahead and do that.
Here’s my sub assembly order I’m going to change the status to released go ahead and do that and I’ll do the same for the second going back to my role center now I see that I now have the two released production orders let’s take a look at those and finish them up open that up. Let’s take a look at this line here and we’ll look at the production Journal the work center and the Machine centers are going to be calculated manually. I’m going to go ahead and just post that and these are the items that are going to be used in the sub-assembly but these are back-flushed items they’ll get posted when I finish up this production order so I’ll close this out and change the status to finished and I’m done with that one I’ll go ahead and do this one as well. So I finished my sub-assemblies. Let’s go back and look at the finished good orders. I’ve got two here. Let’s take a look at the first one. I’m going to change the status to released I’ll do the same with the second. Let’s take a look at the released orders. Here’s the first one again I want to go in and look at the production Journal so go to line the production Journal I’m going to post the workcenter information right here I’ll post that the items are back flushed so when I change the status to finished they’ll get posted properly.
So let’s go ahead and do that. Finish this one up and I’ll go ahead and do the second. So I’m done with the production orders I can always go back and look at them so let’s do that. We’re going to look at the finished production orders select this one down here I’ll go to statistics and take a look at what happened here you can see I’ve got the plan costs and then I’ve got the actual cost here as well shows me how I did on this particular production order and how the costs are rolled up a simple example of how to use manufacturing with demand forecasting in Dynamics 365 Business Central who looked at a bill of material for finished good looked at the demand forecast then we ran through the planning worksheets, created purchase orders and production orders from that planning worksheet. Then executed the production orders and the purchase orders and ended up with the finished goods.

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