Dynamics 365 Business Central – Fixed Assets Module Demo

Dynamics 365 Business Central – Project Accounting Basics (DEMO)

Hello and welcome to another video on Dynamics 365 Business Central. My name is John Hoyt, Solutions Architect here at TMC and in this video we’ll continue our look into the basics of Business Central. In Business Central Project Accounting is done using the jobs module. We’ll go through the basics of resources jobs and job tasks. Let’s get started!

So I’m logged in right now to Business Central but I want to make sure that I’m logged in with the right role I’m logged in as the project manager role. You can see everything here relates to jobs and customers and resources etc. Let’s start by talking about the resources inside Business Central. As always when I click on the link I’m taken to a list of all the resources that I have in the company and this can be either humans, it can be the employees, and the service workers, the staff of the company whoever it might be but it can also be the equipment the physical resources. We dig into someone like a  person, Linda here.

When we set up a resource in the jobs module in Business Central, we’re setting up the default information. How do we want to refer to this resource. Whether it’s an employee or whether it’s going to be one of our pieces of equipment. How do we want to handle the basic unit of measure for their time. We’re going to be recording time against projects. We’ll come into that in a later video but this is the basic unit of measure that we want to use for that particular individual. I will set some defaults for how we want to do our invoicing if we’re doing work for a customer an outward facing project then we will end up with an invoicing activity but we can also use the jobs module simply to keep track of an internal project in which case there would not necessarily be any invoicing but i still might want to keep track of things like the direct and indirect costs that are associated with that simply to maintain my accuracy.

As I look at that job over time down at the bottom some personal information, what’s their title address, how do i get in touch with them etc. That’s an example of a human an employee who might be set up as a resource but I can also set up machines something that’s going to be used in the course of a service job or an appointment where I’m sending a technician out to my customers location for example and they need to take with them diagnostic equipment or testing equipment just like with the human resource we will establishing the invoice parameters for that particular resource. What are the costs what are the unit  sale prices. I’m going to be charging for it etc. As I use that over the course of time once I have the resources established then the next thing that I’ll be building will be the jobs themselves and again the jobs can either be an internal job that I’m doing simply because I want to track my costs against some project or it could be an external job where I’m going to end up invoicing my customer and if we look at something like this new office furniture job that’s been established we can see in the details of the job the header information what’s the job number and the description in this case it is an external job. I’m doing this on behalf of one of my customers so I’ve identified who is the customer. I can record an external document for linking purposes maybe they sent me a contract or a purchase order something of that nature as always with Business Central we have the option of show more show less this simply shows me for in this case the project manager and the location who’s going to be the person responsible etc.

When we define a job the real heart of the job is the job tasks themselves and you can see that in this particular job that we’re going to be doing for tray research we really have three different tasks that have been assigned an initial consultation we’re simply going to go on site talk with them about the details of the project that would be a billable event. Job task 200 we’re preparing for the installation gathering materials doing the planning whatever other logistics might be involved and then finally task number 300 we’ll deliver the chairs and the other furnishings that have been requested from our customer as part of this particular project.

Now we can go down continue through the other tabs within this job. I’ll have posting setups what is the parameters that I want to use for posting on this. Am I going to be doing this as an open job? I’m trying to put this job on hold, we’ll use posting groups of course to do a lot of the default work for us so I’ve got a setup job posting group that will handle all of those details for me in the invoice and shipping tab what are the terms? Who am i going to be billing? To what am I going to be delivering the materials to? I will point out that here in the jobs module just like we have in the sales invoicing module you do have the option of having a separate bill to and ship to customer. I can do the work on behalf of a child customer and do the invoicing to the parent customer. Finally that at the bottom as we define the job that’s going to last for any length of time we’ll be tracking our work in progress and we’ll do that by periodically updating the time sheets posting invoices the transactional activities. That go along with the job and all of that information will be recorded and is visible here in the whip and recognition portion of the job setup if i go back up to the top and we look at any of these job tasks we can actually go down and drill a little bit deeper into that and within that particular job task we have what are called planning lines because the task represents an activity and within that activity we might have multiple steps or multiple people or additional pieces of equipment involved and that’s what we see here in the job planning lines and in this case the task only has a single planning line associated with that it’s been assigned to our project manager Linda for completion. We’ve budgeted eight hours towards the completion of this particular task and as time passes and she records her time through the timesheet entry function that will allow us to see where we are in terms of process and again all of that information would be recorded for us down here in the whip section. I’ll back out of that job card and return back to the home page here and that really covers it for us we’ve talked about the resources the jobs and the job tasks.

Just as a review we saw how this resources are created for both the people and the equipment within the company. When we set up a job they can be set up for a customer but they can be set up also as an internal project and we will have detailed job tasks associated with each one of those jobs and then job tasks and the job planning lines that’s where we assign a specific action or a specific piece of work to one of our resources as they complete that particular job task and then finally for project management purposes we have a variety of reports available in the jobs module.

This is simply looking at the planning lines for our job that new office furniture installation and you can see again i have in my summary job task 100 200 and 300 with the details what is the budgeted amount what is the billable amount, where do we stand in terms of our progress on that particular job.

That’s it for this video thanks for watching. If you have any questions or would like to make a suggestion on what we should cover in the next video please add a comment down below. I’ll do my best to answer your comments and questions but if you need any immediate technical support i invite you to visit our website www.abouttmc.com . Also don’t forget to like this video and subscribe to our channel we really appreciate it.

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