Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central DEMO for the Sales Representative

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Demo for Sales Rep

One of the simple ways in which we see the blending of productivity tools and business process for Dynamics 365 for Financials is through Outlook. Whether users access Outlook via desktop application or Outlook web access, Dynamics 365 for Financials extends Microsoft Outlook to include access to financial information and enables users to easily interact with customers and vendors.

We received an email from one of our good customers requesting a new quote. Jim Glynn of Coho Winery wants pricing information for two items. In many other organizations, you would need to open a second application login and begin the quote process. In other instances, you might have to forward the request to another individual that has access to the back-office system. This takes unnecessary time to complete and creates inaccuracies. Before creating a new document or transaction, it’s helpful to provide your sales reps with a current view of their customer. No other solution enables users to access this level of insight in real time right from their Outlook inbox.

The information available enables users to be more productive and make quicker decisions. Users gain insight into the customer and vendors they are transacting with before they complete their task.

When we scroll to the right, we can see more details about our customer. We can sort on the amount field to reorder the list, since this is live, up-to-the-minute data right from Dynamics 365. As a representative of the organization, the salesperson wants to ensure the customers aware of their outstanding balances. Providing this level of detail right from within Outlook allows for better decision-making from the sales team.

We can choose to sort descending, so the highest documents will come to the top of the list. If I select the back arrow, I’ll return to the previous view. We can now scroll down to see additional details about our customer. I’m going to select “new” to begin the quote process since the incoming communication arrived from a customer, only sales-specific menu options are presented. If this was from a vendor, Outlook would have the intelligence to present relevant tasks associated with vendors. I will enter in the line items that Jim has requested. I can start to type a part of the description in the description field. Dynamics 365 for Financials will find the item for me; I simply enter in the quantity requested. Moving to the second line, I mistakenly start to put the description into the item number field, but Dynamics 365 for Financials is aware that that’s part of the description and finds the appropriate part number for. I now need to simply enter in the quantity. This reduces the number of clicks and also ensures data accuracy within the document. If I scroll down, I can see the additional details including the ship-to location, we have two addresses for Coho Winery and I can select the appropriate address for them. By integrating Dynamics 365 and Outlook, your sales team has a familiar system that allows them to fully engage with and provide service to your customers. That reduces the friction and enables users to take immediate action directly from the email and eliminate potential inaccuracies when entering data such as the customer quote order or invoice.

With the quote completed, I can now select the ellipsis button in the top right corner and choose to send this document by email to our customer. Within the body of the email, we’ll include an attachment that is the actual quote itself. We can view that, and here’s the sales quote as presented. We have all the details about our customer and the items, quantities, pricing, and extended information. We are ready to send the email to our customer. This saves data entry time and ensures data accuracy. The individuals or team responsible for sales orders are more productive, reducing the number of applications or systems that they need to complete this task.

Upon receiving the quote, Coho Winery, a good customer, they’ve now asked for a discount on this order. I can select the document links as part of the email. The seamless integration between Microsoft Outlook and Dynamics 365 for Financials is shown here. The email includes a document in the application and thus enables the sales rep to quickly edit the document based on the customer requests. We can now enter the discount we will offer to Coho Winery. The discount amount is reflected accordingly, and the document total is updated. We’ve saved the sales rep time and ensured data accuracy with immediate access to the current document. Your prompt reply to the customer requests will increase loyalty and retention with the customer.

With the quote updated, we can now transfer this to a sales order. I‘ll select the make order link. If I select the ongoing sales orders, I’ll see a list of all the orders open for my customer, and the new order 1006 for Coho Winery is shown at the bottom of the list. I can select that order and see the details. I click the back arrow; I’ll return to my customer view. I can now minimize Outlook, and I’ll open Dynamics 365 for Financials as the sales order processor roll. I’m going to choose to select sales orders. The updated sales order was instantly moved from Outlook into Dynamics 365 for Financials. Integration to Microsoft productivity tools is essential to many small and midsize businesses who rely on this suite of tools to run their business Dynamics 365 for Financials extends Microsoft Outlook to include access to financial information and enables users to easily interact with customers and vendors. Built into Outlook, users can immediately create documents such as quotes orders invoices and reduce the risk of entering inaccurate information.

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