We all know that training can be a huge pain and is often quite costly. However, according to a recent CNN report, NetSuite’s SuiteAcademy program now offers both professors and students full access to the entire catalog of online and in-person training courses at no cost. In addition to cost savings, ease of use and minimal training time are two of NetSuite’s most valuable characteristics. The following are a few simple tips for NetSuite training that will make ERP implementation a piece of cake.

Navigating NetSuite. Be sure to watch this video. It is a great video tutorial that gives users a basic overview of how to move around throughout NetSuite. Investing ten minutes in this informative video could save you lots of time in the long run.

Cross-training. Considering a number of departments are likely to use CRM, but for specific applications per unit, you’ll want to cross train the departments on the things each other do, so that roles are always filled and mild inconveniences remain only mild inconveniences and not disasters.

You should also consider cross-training on Microsoft Office. A big convenience of Netsuite is their interoperability with MS Office. So, to get full use out of this, in lieu of apps to handle document management, make sure that users are also trained to work with Office.

Options. Finding a fully certified NetSuite partner will ensure that several training options are available to you, as well as providing full implementation assistance. For example, with Technology Management Concepts (TMC), you can choose between customized onsite Microsoft Dynamics NAV training, group classroom training offsite, and private classroom training-onsite, offsite or web based training. In fact, TMC is committed to providing you with the highest level of training for you to take full advantage of your ERP Software.

Opportunity. NetSuite does improve business processes, however, it does not erase systemic problems. Keep an eye out for areas where you can enable something better, rather than just cramming what you did in your old system into your new one. Consider assigning an implementation team once training is complete. You will want individuals that know what needs must be met during the implementation process while also understanding your company’s strategic goals.

As your business grows, NetSuite can adapt, providing a solution that doesn’t hold you back and always keeps you moving forward. Keeping the above tips in mind during NetSuite ERP training will keep you on track, creating better transition and implementation.

For more information, or if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us at Technology Management Concepts today.