Netsuite training? Choose 'extensive,' or 'incremental.'

Using analytics in the workplace is not just about interpreting data to create a better marketing campaign, or find more meaningful ways to engage your customer across the ever-growing expanse of social media channels.

Today’s ERP platforms, like the cloud-based NetSuite ERP, fits those parameters to a tee. But what is often overlooked is the software’s capability to analyze productivity throughout the HR department. This added dimension helps businesses to become more predictive, which is critical in reducing turnover rates.

The HR component of NetSuite not only tracks the every-day tasks like employee hours, time off and compensation. But the software provides a single database for stakeholders to see performance reviews and histories of raises and bonuses. Better insights are the normal outcome when data can be collected via a single system, versus across many non-interconnected PCs in multiple locations.

When it comes to upgrading a business’s accounting software,  owners may have second thoughts about investing in a cloud-based ERP/CRM platform. But NetSuite is not the new-kid-on-the-block in this offering. In fact, companies worldwide rely on this platform to run their international operations, enjoying real-time financials that drive better decision-making for over 24,000 organizations worldwide.

Fully accessible via the cloud,  NetSuite provides authorized users with mobile access from the office, the field or in the client’s office. For manufacturers, production line updates can be done in real-time; shipping, warehousing, and supply chain management become more transparent.

Discover the NetSuite difference in handling back-office operations and all of your financial tasks. Ask for a free demo, and inquire about the many subscription and implementation options. NetSuite training can be as extensive, or incremental, as needed. Contact us today.

Written by E.C. (Consulting Team)

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