Microsoft Dynamics suited for SaaS applications as well as on-premise deployment.

Long before ERP software came on the market, and way before SaaS offerings, industries relied on their spreadsheets, contact management platforms and other ‘database’ management systems.

Unfortunately, as the needs of business changed, the technology wasn’t always keeping pace.

But today, with the availability of Microsoft’s Dynamics software, both large enterprise, SMBs and, yes, startups, can benefit with its accounting modules, inventory control and business intelligence (BI) capability, to name just a few of it

Mistakenly, some companies might think this powerful business software is only available as a full complement of modules…purchased all at the same time.

But in keeping with the idea that business needs grow—and contract— Microsoft Dynamics deploys easily on in-house servers, or as the cloud-hosted SaaS option. Selected components can then be customized for your short, and long-term, requirements.

In the past, the role of ERP software was thought to apply mainly to manufacturing, shipping or the distribution sector. It may come as a surprise to some business owners, but Microsoft Dynamics is suited to the retail industry as well.

Writing on the Forbes’ website about the needs of today’s CFO in the retail sector, Rebecca Roedell notes:

“You want to have a proactive approach, to execute with insight by accessing critical information in real-time, with a thought towards optimizing performance, anticipating trends, and capitalizing on opportunities. All of which requires a genuine 360-degree view of the business—naturally, provided to us by Microsoft Dynamics for Retail.”

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