SAAS is one of the most fast-growing concepts in the entire business world. If you’ve never heard the phrase, SAAS simply means “software as a service,” and refers mostly to multi-tiered software solutions designed to make various aspects of running a business just a little bit easier.

The SAAS field, like every other field in tech, has been growing rapidly for the last 20 years. And understanding which trends are currently leading the pack can help you make a decision when it comes time to invest in SAAS for your business. If you’re currently debating the merits of NetSuite software, Dynamics NAV, or Dynamics GP, this is a list you’ll want to know and any good ERP vendor or MS Certified Partner will help:

Localized Demand

Current forecasts show that while SAAS demand is growing across the globe, the United States still has the highest growth rate. SAAS providers are generally based in the US and focus on US businesses, so it makes sense that the industry would be seeing its biggest growth emerge from this market.

Cloud Hosting

Put simply, there is no reason to invest in a SAAS product if it does not offer some sort of cloud computing solution. Keeping data in the cloud and using the cloud to fine-tune your business practices and build efficiency into your workflows is the way of the future, and all businesses need to be ready.

Mobile Support

Businesses are comprised of many working parts, and sometimes those parts don’t have access to a PC or laptop. In those cases, a SAAS solution that offers mobile support can be a lifesaver. Dynamics CRM products and NetSuite software both have some sort of end-user mobile interface.

Expertise and Expense

SAAS providers are increasingly becoming a sort of outsourced IT department for medium and small businesses. Instead of depending on an internal team, businesses leverage the expertise of a provider (and the fact that they don’t need to pay them when they don’t actually need their help) to limit IT costs and keep things running smoothly.

SAAS is a vibrant field with innovations occurring every day. If you want to stay on the cutting edge, it’s critical that you and your business are ready to leap on the opportunities these advances provide. For more information about our NetSuite Software or Microsoft Dynamics please visit