Microsoft Dynamics NAV: Agent Service Shipping Module

Microsoft Dynamics NAV: Agent Service Shipping Module

Have you been stuck in a bad situation that only by a miracle of a small loophole you managed to get out of? Loopholes are wonderful if they work in your favor, otherwise they can be a real pain. When you’re stuck, a loophole most often is a blessing in disguise. Yet the term loophole wasn’t originally a quick legal out from a contract but a type of contractual fortification.

In Medieval times, castles were built for the main purpose of keeping those inside safe. Architecture of the time incorporated different ways to protect the castle. One of those architectural additions was narrow windows that widened inwards with vertical slits on the outside. Archers defending the castle had wonderful amounts of elbow room to maneuver while those shooting at the castle only had small slits to shoot at. These archer windows were called loopholes from the old word loop which means “a narrow window”.

Loopholes went out of style around the time gun powder was invented, but so did castles really. One didn’t need to hide behind the thick walls of a castle if it was going to be blown up anyway by gun powder. Now, loopholes signify a narrow way out and today we associate the word with a clever or tricky way out of a situation, especially when pertaining to legal issues that may otherwise make one a little loopy… frazzled.

With software, you may wish sometimes that there was an easy way to handle a hard situation. Maybe an application that looks complex, but really is simple. Take for instance, you have a difficult client who has ordered multiple items from you, but wants each of those items delivered on a different date. With Microsoft Dynamics NAV you can define an “Agent Service”.

With Microsoft Dynamics NAV Agent Service feature you can define how and when to ship your products.  This feature includes calendar scheduling and shipping time. The purchase screen doesn’t have these options but the agent service screen does.

By simply finding and utilizing the right loophole in your Microsoft Dynamics software you can increase your productivity even more than it already has. You’d be amazed at how much more business you can gain from your business software.

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