There’s a handful of useful functions in Business Central to help you manage screen space. Also, your browser has a nice trick up the sleeve, known as “Zoom”. In this post, we’ll walk you thru how you can better organize the information on screen with Business Central. If you sometimes feel your screen is not large enough, and you want to learn how to manage screen space better, then this post is for you!

How to Manage screen space in Dynamics 365 Business Central

When you access Business Central on a desktop or laptop computer, you use a browser window or the Business Central app for Windows. In either case, the first thing you should know is that a good deal of automatic layout is working for you to keep information easily accessible in the Business Central window.


As you can see in the examples above, Business Central automatically flows the information dependent on the horizontal width available. This principle applies not only to the Role Center page. We engineered Business Central to use the same layout principle with all the pages in Business Central to automatically handle varying screen sizes by adjusting layout to suit screen space and your choice of size for the Business Central window.

But even with the automatic layout in effect, there are situations where you want direct control of what Business Central displays on the screen. In the following, we’ll show you the functions available to show, hide, expand and collapse sections of the Business Central pages. Lastly, we’ll describe the browser’s Zoom function which lets you adjust the scaling of the whole Business Central page.

Toggling fact boxes on and off

Fact boxes are the small information chunks placed on the right side of many pages in Business Central. Designed to surface important related information to the main page, fact boxes often save you from having to open a separate page to find further information. However, in some cases, your main interest is the main page, e.g. the document or master data it shows. Then you can use the fact box toggle (a small ‘i’ in a circle) located in the action bar’s right side to hide the fact boxes, and to bring them back again.


Expanding pages

Several pages in Business Central have a Lines section or other grid, with enough columns that a horizontal scrollbar displays. In these cases, you can choose to expand the page to use a larger percentage of the available space, so you get a better fit for the contents. You find the toggle to expand and restore page width in the Business Central page’s upper right corner.


Collapse less used page sections

When a page in Business Central contains several sections of fields (also known as Fast tabs) it is usually the case that one or more of the sections are used less frequently than others. Then you can collapse the less-used sections to get more space for the sections you use. Simply click or tap the section header to expand or collapse the section.

Browser zoom

Finally, let’s end this post with how to adjust the amount of information that fits on screen at the same time. This is possible in most modern browsers, usually called ‘Zoom’, and this function is the perfect companion to Business Central’s automatic layout, providing you with fine-grained control over the scaling of contents in the Business Central window. Simply “zoom out” (i.e. reduce page scaling) either from browser’s menu, or the keyboard shortcut equivalent (Ctrl+minus). As you do so, more information will be visible on screen, but—of course—also get smaller.


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