Microsoft Dynamics GP offers manufacturers real-time solutions from its single database

It might be considered ‘old school’ to refer to the latest in ERP software, like Dynamics GP, as being a powerful reporting program. Prior to ERP coming onto the market back in the late ‘90s, owners saw much of their data as historic and coming from multiple programs…on many PCs.

Make no mistake, today’s ERP software is multi-dimensional by offering manufacturers, distribution and supply chain operations with compound solutions.

Starting from the manufacturing line, a supervisor can monitor multiple production cycles, change specs on a custom order and track in all the way to the warehouse and beyond.

Indeed, Microsoft Dynamics GP is all about being connected with all aspects of the operation, including the capability to generate real-time financials from the factory floor, the field or in the client’s office.

What’s more, the Dynamics GP software is tuned to today’s social media channels, allowing users to engage with their customers on their ‘channels,’ as well as bring vendors into discussions when a collaborative scenario is warranted.

Above all, Dynamics ERP helps businesses to take the lead in all matters related to developing products and getting them out the door. Overall, the experience that Dynamics GP creates is, according to a post on Forbes Brand by Joshua Vides of Microsoft Dynamics, one that is  “proactive. Agile…and forward-looking.”

“It brings people together across geographies and cubicles, across roles and teams. We can connect the information in our ERP systems with activity that is happening with our customers in real-time.”

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