Microsoft Dynamics GP offers real-time solutions to project management tasks.

If you’re a small to medium-size business owner, and have outgrown your accounting software (QuickBooks?!), you may have already heard about Microsoft Dynamics GP capabilities in adding new a new dimension to project management.

In the past, old accounting programs, like QuickBooks, did not allow the transparency needed to monitor all phases of a project. More importantly, without the ability to integrate with separate programs in real-time the company’s financials were often in question: project expenses, payroll and invoicing relied on historical data resulting in inaccurate reports.

Dynamics GP allows authorized users to monitor every phase of the project; stakeholders can create contracts and track labor, materials and equipment, thus providing real-time updates on overall profitability.

In addition, employees can enter their own ‘time’ and expenses from the work site or on the road with mobile access; each entry creates its own audit trail. Furthermore, multiple pay codes can be directly assigned to the project’s expenses, and client invoices when appropriate,

Users are also able to create specific inventor lists for each project, thereby tracking what resources will be used on the job…and when they’ll be needed.

Offline? Dynamics GP easily syncs all your data when an Internet connection is made.

At first, business owners may be reluctant to replace their existing legacy programs in favor of Microsoft Dynamics GP. Often, they fear company-wide disruptions, not to mention the adverse customer-service outcomes.

Surprisingly, the implementation and deployment of Dynamics GP can be taken in steps the business owner controls. Critical programs are never abandoned and owners maintain complete control over what files and documents they wish to make accessible.

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