QuickBooks is the primary accounting software for approximately 29 million small businesses. On the other hand, Dynamics 365 Business Central is recent accounting software that is fast upcoming. It’s a cloud-based application that is a great alternative to QuickBooks.

While Dynamics 365 Business Central is designed for small and midsize businesses, QuickBooks is best for small business startups. However, both offer a comprehensive set of financial and operational tools that are easy to use and accessible anywhere.

Most small businesses begin with QuickBooks and transition to Dynamic 365 Business Central when the demand rises, and the company is growing. So, is it true that the best alternative to QuickBooks is Dynamics 365 Business Central? Let’s find out!


The Benefits of Switching from QuickBooks to Dynamics 365 Business Central

The benefits of switching from QuickBooks to Dynamics 365 Business Central are plentiful. It is a more flexible and scalable solution that will accommodate your business as it grows.

It has 800 capabilities, unlike QuickBooks (or NetSuite), and offers a wide range of features and functionality, including a full range of financial reporting capabilities and robust inventory management tools.

Furthermore, Dynamics 365 Business Central is the only power solution for your entire company’s financials with one system.

Out of the many benefits, Dynamics 365 Business Central fills the gaps that QuickBooks has. For instance, QuickBooks is limited in user roles and security options, which can never happen with Dynamics 365 Business Central.

And while QuickBooks has a weaker audit trail, Dynamics 365 Business Central is completely detailed and secure. You can reverse a canceled transaction rather than delete it but still have a legal audit trail.

Besides, it does a good job of reporting. It’s able to:

  • Link data to a complete reporting solution
  • Utilize a web-based reporting portal
  • View all open purchase orders and have similar purchases made in payable accounts
  • View performance of salespersons according to entry points
  • Offer varying access permissions to every user.


Why Should You Consider Switching from QuickBooks?

QuickBooks is great accounting software, but it has a lot of limitations, and it can’t be customized to suit your specific business needs.

The best alternative to QuickBooks is Dynamics 365 Business Central. It’s cloud-based, so you don’t need to install anything on your computer or laptop. It is accessible from any location with an internet connection. You can customize the software to fit your specific business needs and requirements.

This software gives you a unified view of your entire business. It has features for accounting, finance, and point-of-sale systems. You can also use it to manage customer relationships, track inventory and orders, and generate reports for your business, as previously mentioned.


What Is Dynamic 365 Business Central?

Dynamics 365 Business Central is a cloud-based business management software that offers many features. Its programs make more efficient business processes. As the business augments, the Dynamics 365 business can adapt to the changes, offering businesses the suppleness to tailor requests to suit the recent business wants.

Dynamic 365 Business Central offers more than financial needs. It also:

  • Offers all-inclusive resources and workflows to link up all tasks in the organization,
  • assimilate operations,
  • program supply chain,
  • enhance customer associations and
  • make decisions based on available data that quicken development and increase income.


How Does Dynamics 365 Business Central Work?

The Dynamics 365 Business Central application is managed online by Microsoft with no software to install on devices. It works as follows:

  • Uses a full slate of financial management tools to help businesses manage their cash flow and balance sheets.
  • Uses a single, consolidated platform for keeping up with customer relationships, including CRM and analytics capabilities that provide insights into how customers are interacting with your business.
  • Has comprehensive operations support from managing expenses to forecasting sales, workforce planning, and inventory management.


Well, is your business upgrading from QuickBooks? Consider Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 Business Central software. You can keep learning more from us at Technology Management Concepts. For more insightful information, contact us.