Now you have succeeded in growing your business fast and reaching your goals. It’s time to make way for new plans to ensure your business continues to thrive. Maintaining the fast pace for future growth will require you to invest in and adapt to solutions that enable expansion and offer greater efficiencies. The solution you choose should be scalable to allow flexibility and improvements in the business.   

Many businesses have been in a similar situation, and they used myriad solutions to get on the right track. QuickBooks is the most popular accounting functionality for small businesses. It is simple and can handle most tasks at startup.

However, some of its processes will become invalid with improved growth, and you need to look for a natural replacement. Savvy business owners trust Dynamics 365 Business Central to fulfilling their complex needs with business growth.

This article will show you the various features and functionalities that make Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central the best alternative when your business outgrows QuickBooks. Let’s dive in!


Dynamics 365 Business Central and QuickBooks Overview

Both QuickBooks and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central are cloud software solutions used in businesses as reliable accounting tools. The significant difference lies in their capabilities, as Business Central is a complete ERP solution offering of all CRM functionalities. On the other hand, QuickBooks is a simple accounting solution. Business Central provides more than just accounting tools that make it superior to QuickBooks.


Another top differentiator between these two solutions lies in the comprehensive nature of the Business Central over QuickBooks. QuickBooks will only be effective for startups until they reach a level of growth where significant limitations will hinder their usage.  


Unified Nature and Capabilities of Dynamics 365 Business Central and QuickBooks

As a comprehensive ERP solution, Business Central offers a powerful solution for data and process unification. It will cater to business financial management that QuickBooks handles and much more. Microsoft offers Dynamics 365 Business Central in two different price tiers to allow for a range of versatility and improved functionality.

The two price tiers are:

  • Dynamics 365 Business Premiums: $100/user/month
  • Dynamics 365 Business Essentials: $70/user/month

Equally importantly, integration between other Microsoft applications and the Business Central is seamless through the Dataverse. It allows users to send invoices quickly from Business Central using Office 365 capabilities. The ability to unify data and automate processes is invaluable for improving efficiency. It’s a lifesaver for any company looking to manage its tight margins.


Dynamics 365 Business Central vs. QuickBooks Scalability

Every company considering growth in the future must ensure they invest in scalable software. You can deploy the Business Central as an on-premise or hybrid solution. However, most small and midsize businesses prefer cloud models. These have fewer up-front investments you would require for hardware and the security benefits of the cloud.

The ERP and accounting solution you use should be scalable enough to help drive the organizational growth and not hinder it.

Business Central is arguably superior in scalability to QuickBooks. Using Business Central allows you to use additional tools to complete all the requirements you need to accommodate growth.

It is the best solution even when the business is not ready to utilize CRM capabilities and ERP systems. Such features will be instrumental in the future when you need to improve your business operations and reach new markets.


Wrapping Up

Dynamics 365 Business Central offers more robust solutions over QuickBooks as an excellent investment for successful business growth. Ensure your business is ready for expansion for efficient productivity from users. 

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