Upgrade Quickbooks and Get Cash For Your QuickBooks!

TMC Announces “Cash For QuickBooks” Program
Company offers cash discount on Microsoft Dynamics GP software in exchange for QuickBooks software

Marina Del Rey, CA August 27—Technology Management Concepts (TMC) announced today that they are offering current QuickBooks users the opportunity to trade in their program for a cash discount on Microsoft Dynamics GP (Great Plains) software. TMC is giving customers the opportunity to save money by giving them better software by allowing them to simply upgrade Quickbooks to Dynamics GP.

“We wanted to give users the opportunity to upgrade their financial software to Dynamics GP (Great Plains),” said CEO and Director of Business Development at TMC, Brenda Diener. “Some people are tired of delays in menus, reports and navigation and some businesses have just outgrown the use of QuickBooks.”

Current QuickBooks users can trade in Quickbooks Pro, QuickBooks Premier or QuickBooks Enterprise along with a proof of purchase and qualify for a cash discount on Microsoft Dynamics GP software.

Users can receive $650 off of Microsoft Dynamics AM or $350 off Microsoft Dynamics BE.

“QuickBooks is a ‘clunker software’ that is slow and often times irritating to deal with,’” said Diener. “Microsoft Dynamics GP is a ‘greener’ program that will cut down on paper use and provide users with the look and feel of a Microsoft Office style program.”

More information regarding the “Cash For QuickBooks” program as well as Technology Management Concepts can be found at www.abouttmc.com/

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