Microsoft Azure - A Key to Gartner's Post Modern ERP Environment

What does it take for the C-suite folks to take notice of the mega benefits associated with the cloud, particularly when it comes to using business processing software?

True, SMBs have been carpet-bombed with information about the latest-and-best in database management platforms. In fact, mention ‘cost savings,’ ‘incremental’ implementation and ease of ‘integration and you’ve partially defined what Gartner calls a “postmodern ERP environment.

Definitely a player in Gartner’s postmodern ERP environment, Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016, while enhancing many business process functions, does so without big upfront costs, or an all-in investment of time and training. And, yes, it provides cost savings while allowing incremental implementation.

Moreover, Microsoft has made sure that you’re working with top ERP vendors, and the ERP software integrates with other apps and programs—and Microsoft Azure— with little, or no, custom coding. Often, this can be achieved through third-party APIs.

“The value of these solutions is far less than optimal if they just become another silo in the organization. Most companies want to integrate these applications with their legacy on-premises CRM and ERP solutions. They also likely see the benefit of integrating these solutions with other cloud solutions”

But in keeping with Gartner’s so-called new ERP environment, businesses are opting for the “best of breed” cloud services, like Microsoft Azure, that will work well across many of their legacy on-premise platforms, be it ERP or CRM programs, for example.

Driving this new search for better value is today’s trend toward ‘integration platform as a service,’ or iPaaS.

“The revolutionary aspect of iPaaS is that it typically eliminates the need for some or all custom coding, which shortens development time, reduces errors, and makes maintenance far easier. iPaaS unifies the creation of all the types of integrations that enterprises actually need today: cloud-to-cloud, cloud-to-on-premises, on-premises-to-on-premises, B2B, EDI and mobile.”

To understand the limitations of your existing ERP software, or a consult on how Microsoft Azure complements Dynamics GP 2016 contact us. We can help you prepare for both the implementation and deployment of your NexGen ERP software solution.