LinkedIn and Office Integrations for Sales Team within Dynamics 365 EE – Features [Part 4]

The sales paradigm has changed! Sales teams are increasingly empowered with business intelligence tools and analytics solutions. Dynamics 365 Enterprise Edition for Sales is releasing some new features that will allow your team to benefit from a consistent user experience for web, mobile, and clients using the Unified Interface framework and deeper integrations with LinkedIn and Office 365.

 >>> For more details, go to the Dynamics 365 Enterprise Ed. SPRING 2018 Release notes <<<  

The new Dynamics 365 Enterprise edition for Sales capabilities include:

  • User interface controls use a Common Controls Framework (CCF) for consistency. Productivity is increased as the applications have a consistent pattern, making it very easy for users to learn and be productive.
  • The Embedded intelligence capabilities are designed to help your sales team collect, manage, and analyze diverse data and communications throughout the sales process. Automations are used to give relevant action suggestions and, at the same time, to capture contact activities.

    The Embedded intelligence features introduced with this release are:

    • Relationship assistant, Auto capture, and Email engagement are business intelligence tools and are embedded within the spring release.
    • The Sales app is built on the Unified Interface framework for consistent user experience. The Sales app delivers a consistent, uniform user interface, and follows responsive design principles for optimal viewing on any screen size or device.

  • Enhanced integration with LinkedIn Sales Navigator enables a seamless sales workflow. On forms, LinkedIn Sales Navigator controls provide up-to-date context and insights about companies and LinkedIn members. On dashboards and forms, salespeople see LinkedIn profile pictures for contact records synced with LinkedIn Sales Navigator.
  • Professional user license for streamlined Sales Force Automation (SFA). You can now select the features that are relevant for your specific business requirements.

LinkedIn and Office Integrations for Sales Team within Dynamics 365 EE – Features [Part 4.1]

  • Dynamics 365 for Sales insights add-on provides advanced intelligence capabilities:  
    • Relationship analytics: It lets you analyze the quality of a relationship by giving you info on customer interactions and actions. Relationship analytics also give alerts on the customers and opportunities on which you need to focus.
    • Sentiment health: It lets you analyze customer interactions and signals to inform salespeople on how satisfied their customers are with their relationship.