Back in November 2016, in yet another iteration of Dynamics CRM (Customer Relationship Management), Microsoft released Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement. Initially, Dynamics CRM, along with other Microsoft ERP platforms, were brought into the Dynamic stack as a single cloud platform to offer users avenues to use other cloud services, such as Office 365.

Let us back track and talk about how the sales process might seem “simple.” It starts with some leads acquisition and qualification, then you move onto the nurturing stage until they are ready to become a client. BUT there is a better solution to this process–especially when you have hundreds of leads all on an Excel spreadsheet! Maybe it is time to invest in a CRM, which has plenty of storage and organizational capabilities so you can instantly monitor your contacts whenever and wherever. With the new Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales, our clients found a user-friendly platform that offers the most relevant features for their business objectives–sales team’s objectives.

Enhancements to Dynamics 365 Sales  Include…

Specific users can create apps that embrace Microsoft’s goal of offering ‘The right functionality in the right place.’ For example, marketing may decide that only certain projects need to be displayed and creating a custom app to ensure that only relevant features are displayed for any given project. Furthermore, this flow of information can be interfaced with a graphical sitemap editor, thereby shortening the steps to edit Sitemaps.

Dynamics 365 Helps Quicker Changes to Customer Orders.

Customer orders can be reviewed for inline changes to the data. This eliminates the need to load record files and initiate a series of searches to change an order.

Overall, Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement (CRM) integrates more fully with Outlook, while Office 365 users can leverage Microsoft Flow in developing custom workflows that interconnect within Dynamics 365 CRM. What’s more, a customer support desk can glean negative text within Outlook to better gauge a customer’s perception of the company.

Forbes: Dynamics 365 ‘Customer Engagement’ Drives Growth.

As Forbes notes, today’s customer engagement is all about new strategies to “drive greater growth.”

“Leaders view engagement as a means to a business outcome, such as revenue. They invest more in staff resources to focus on customer engagement, are more likely to have an executive who is responsible for engagement, and provide consistent, seamless customer experiences.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM for Sales-1

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